Not Now, I’m Prepping for the Hugo Awards

It’s time for our second episode and this one is packed with SO MANY MEDIA MENTIONS. Kay and Chelsea chat about the nominees for this year’s Hugo Awards. The winners will be announced on Friday, August 11 at WorldCon 75 in Helsinki. If you’d like to buy a membership to a) get a copy of the voter packet full of lots of great reads for an amazing value b) vote in this year’s Hugos and nominate for next year’s Hugos, you can buy a supporting membership for $40 US any time until Saturday, July 15, 11:59pm PDT. (Find out what time that is for you here.)

We know, we’re getting this episode in just under the wire.

Please note that Kay spent roughly five thousand years assembling the shownotes for this episode, so:

gif of Maui from Disney film Moana bowing and saying 'You're welcome!'
Listen to this week’s episode!

Read this episode’s transcript here!

Time Stamps:

  • Intro: 00:00 – 00:46
  • Hugos Discussion: 00:46-38:18
  • Upcoming Reads & Outro: 38:18- 39:37

Media Mentions from Today’s Episode:

And a list of works included in the Hugo Voter’s packet (seriously, the $40 membership is worth it if your budget can swing it):

In addition to the works listed in the above tweet:

  • Haunted by Sarah Gailey
  • An Equation of Almost Infinite Complexity by J. Mulrooney
  • Infomocracy by Malka Older
  • Tear Tracks by Malka Older
  • The Black Box by Malka Older
  • The Rupture by Malka Older
  • Blue Monday by Laurie Penny
  • Everything Belongs to the Future by Laurie Penny
  • The Killing Jar by Laurie Penny
  • Your Orisons May Be Recorded by Laurie Penny
  • The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill by Kelly Robson
  • Two-Year Man by Kelly Robson
  • Waters of Versailles by Kelly Robson

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You can view this episode’s transcript here.

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