Not Now, I’m Watching Hannibal


The time has finally come for our most fangirly of episodes: Hannibal. This darkly beautiful show is about a cannibalistic serial killer and the team that works with and will eventually catch him, and we seriously have no idea how this show ever aired on NBC. But we’re glad it did. We talk the show, the lovely fandom, and our favorite fics. As always, we also talk about what we’re currently reading and what we have coming up next.

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Listen to this week’s episode!

You can view this episode’s transcript here.


  • 00:00-00:48 – Intro
  • 00:42-13:30 – Current Reads
  • 13:30-45:01– Hannibal Discussion
  • 45:01-46:03– Outro and Outtakes


For more information, see the About the Show page, and to get in touch with us at all our various internet hangouts, check the About the Hosts page.


  • Episode 14 (October 2, 2017): Not Now, I’m Reading An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole
  • Episode 15 (October 9, 2017): Not Now, I’m Reading About 2018 Releases

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