Not Now, I’m Watching Thor: Ragnarok

This week we’re talking all about the last Marvel movie, Thor: Ragnarok. Kay is thoroughly pleased, Chelsea is pleasantly surprised, and Chris Hemsworth is absolutely hilarious. While we don’t touch much on the movie’s themes of imperialism and colonialism in the podcast, we’ve included a few links from some super smart folks for you to check out if interested! Apologies for the audio quality from Kay’s end for this episode. It sounds like she’s recording in an echo-chamber, but that should be fixed next episode. And, as always, we’ll be talking about what we’re reading and what’s coming up next.

mcu thor ragnarok chris hemsworth yes

Listen to this week’s episode!

You can view this episode’s transcript here.


  • 00:00-00:35– Intro
  • 00:35-18:50– Current Reads
  • 18:50-36:24– Discussion of Thor: Ragnarok
  • 36:24-37:25– What’s Coming Up, Outro, and Outtakes



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