Last Shot by Daniel José Older

We’re back for another Star Wars-centric episode with our favorite Star Wars expert, our dear friend Di! You may remember her from a guest appearance she made during Star Wars December when we read Phasma. You can find her on Twitter as @bookishdi (and then AO3 and Tumblr and Dreamwidth). She joins us to talk about the fabulous new Star Wars novel Last Shot by Daniel José Older. We also discuss what we’re reading/obsessing about, Star Wars fandom ~discourse~, and generally babble at each other in excitement.

star wars donald glover i never get tired of that

Listen to this week’s episode!

You can view this episode’s transcript here.


  • 00:00-01:54 – Intro
  • 02:00-42:06 – Current Reads
  • 42:06-1:07:14 – Discussion of Last Shot
  • 1:07:14-1:10:09 – What’s Coming Up, Outro, and Outtakes


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  • Episode 35 (June 4, 2018) Top Ten Fics Under 5,000 Words

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