About the Hosts


Kay Taylor Rea is a bi lady nerd from the Pacific Northwest living in exile in the desert wastes of Arizona. She’s unduly obsessed with: diverse media of all sorts (with a special fondness for comics, romance, SFF, and YA), orange foods, musicals, and the great sporting pastimes of the US and Canada (baseball and hockey, respectively). She’s a writer and reccer of fan and original fiction, a Book Riot contributor, a submissions editor for Uncanny Magazine, a Slytherin, and an amateur hermit. Find her on the internet at her blog, Book Riot, Twitter, Goodreads, and on Instagram


Chelsea has reached the point in her life where she is made of 90% caffeine, 10% willful determinism. An occasional booktuber, constant fan critic, feminist crafter, and proud mommy, Chelsea is a preschool teacher by day, and storms Twitter by night. Chelsea considers herself head over heels for Jayhawk basketball, pour-over coffee, and all forms of media in which Broken Heroes And Their Angst play a large part. She is also a writer of both original and fan fiction, and finds her ships most often sailing in the seas of tiny, tiny fandoms. A proud and loud Hufflepuff, she thinks there’s always room for a well-placed expletive. Her internet homes include her YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads!