Transcript: Not Now, I’m Excited for Spring 2018 Releases

CHELSEA: Welcome back to episode 15 of Not Now, I’m Reading, your one-stop shop for all things genre. My name is Chelsea.

KAY: And I’m Kay.

CHELSEA: And today we are doing a special episode talking about the 2018 releases that we are super-duper looking forward to. So.

KAY: This is not even close to all the books we’re looking forward to, but we both just picked five. Yeah.

CHELSEA: Five of the books. And to be fair, five of the books in early 2018. [Laughs] That we’re looking forward to. This is definitely one you’ll want to check out the show notes cause we’ll have links to everything. If you hear something you like, don’t worry. We’ll have links. You can check them out. But before we talk about stuff that’s coming out, we’re gonna talk about stuff we just finished or are just wrapping up. I’ll go ahead and go first. I’m gonna go ahead and recommend a book to you guys I’m only half done with but I just love it so, so much. So fucking much. It’s Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia. It is a young adult book that is about Eliza Mirk. And Eliza Mirk is shy. Eliza Mirk loves the internet and has many, many friends on the internet but not a ton of friends in real life. She’s also the creator of a web comic called Monster C that has this kinda huge following and fandom based around it. And one day at school she runs into this new kid named Wallace and through kind of a series of unfortunate events she learns that Wallace is actually a guy named rainmaker who is the most popular and one of the best fanfiction writers for Monster C. This web comic that she writes. So it’s this really great YA romance between two very shy individuals that looks at friendship and mental health and the internet and fandom and fan creation and the relationship between internet life and real life and can you guys tell how much I fucking loved it. It just checked all of my boxes. I’m not even done with it, yet. It’s so good. It is first person YA. So it is a hard task, but I am trying real hard to get Kay to read it.

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: I’m slowly chipping away to see if maybe she’ll pick it up.

KAY: It’s nothing personal!

CHELSEA: I just know you’re mileage, it’s just hard with the first person YA.

KAY: It’s hard with first person in any genre, to be fair. But it’s just very prominent in YA right now. Which is why that’s such an issue with me finding YA to read. I don’t enjoy reading first person very often.

CHELSEA: That is very, very fair. I just really, really love it. And then the two pieces of fanfiction I wanna recommend. Guys. For the first time in almost a whole month I’m not gonna recommend any Stargate: Atlantis fiction to you guys. I know. Calm yourselves down.


CHELSEA: But the first one I’m gonna recommend is a hockey RPF, Kay. I probably already know the answer to this question. You have not watched the television show Burn Notice, right?

KAY: No, but I’m pretty sure I recced this fic to you. I know the concept of this show. And I read this fic. I’m pretty sure I’m the one who told you to read this. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: Oh, no, you definitely are. Hi, if you are just joining us, Kay is pretty much responsible for everything I ever read ever. Yeah, you recommended it to me. I was just wondering if you’d seen the show, because the show is delightful.

KAY: No.

CHELSEA: This fic is just as good. It is Turn and Burn by omelet. And as you can probably guess by the question I just asked.

KAY: I love omelet.

CHELSEA: Oh, yeah, me too.

KAY: If you read Teen Wolf at all, I highly rec all of omelet’s Teen Wolf fic in particular.

CHELSEA: And so this is an alternate universe that is loosely based on the television show Burn Notice, which is about a spy who gets burned or cut off from being a spy and he goes on an adventure to find out why that happened. This is basically that, but with Sid and Geno. And it’s really great! It’s super wonderful. It’s super adventurey and it’s very witty. This has really good Sid and Geno banter, which, like. This is super fun. And I just really, really loved it. I also really love the show Burn Notice slash spy things in general, so if that’s at all your bag, I highly recommend you check this out. It’s 16,000 words so it’s a little on the longer side, but it’s also not anywhere near the longest hockey fic I’ve recced on this podcast so I highly recommend you pick it up. The other one is another one that Kay just randomly sent to me out of nowhere. It’s not super long. It’s only 4,000 words. It’s please wait here, your future self will meet you shortly by Lake (beyond_belief). Which is a Generation Kill fic. It’s also a time travel fic, which I don’t usually like, but I loved this one. I really, really loved the reason they have to time travel. Essentially Brad has to go back in time to convince young Nate to not do a thing. So that he doesn’t end up destroying the world.


CHELSEA: Essentially.

KAY: Fair, yeah.

CHELSEA: I could say more but I don’t wanna spoil things. It’s super, even though it’s not very long, it’s emotionally dense because the Brad in the future has been in a relationship with Nate and that has caused some tension and so now that he’s back in the past with a different Nate that he hasn’t had a relationship with yet, he’s dealing with a lot of feelings and [sighs]. And military men dealing with a lot of feelings is a thing I really like to read about. So.

KAY: Also, remind me to put a gif of Brad and Nate from the miniseries in our show notes, because they’re just adorable.

CHELSEA: There are just the ones where he looks over and smiles at him with all of his brilliant teeth. So good.

KAY: If you guys are not familiar with Generation Kill, it’s an HBO miniseries based on Evan Wright’s book about being embedded with a battalion of recon marines during the invasion of Iraq. It is amazing. It is probably my favorite miniseries of all time.

CHELSEA: It’s so good.

KAY: It’s so good. There’s like no women in the entire thing, basically, which is the main problem, but realistically there would not be.

CHELSEA: To be fair, I didn’t go into it anticipating there would be a huge feminine presence.

KAY: It is very good. It is probably the first thing a lot of people saw Alexander Skarsgård in. And he’s amazing. And Stark Sands is also one of my favorite actors and he’s not in a ton of stuff that you’ll have easy access to. So. He’s wonderful. They’re wonderful. The amount that they can both convey with just a glance at each other in a scene is just a lot. It’s just a lot. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: I really want to rewatch it, but I haven’t been able to in 2017.

KAY: Yeah.

CHELSEA: It’s just not the right environment for that.

KAY: It’s basically about incompetence in command from the top down. Which is not really a great [laughs] a great thing right now.

CHELSEA: It’s not the greatest show for the environment of 2017 but I love this fic and I love this show.

KAY: It’s wonderful.

CHELSEA: Alright. That’s all I have. What do you have?

KAY: All the things, Chelsea. I’m reading all the things. For original fiction, it’s not fiction. I’ve been reading almost no original fiction, lately. But I did just relisten to I Am Spock by Leonard Nimoy. It’s a very quick read. It’s actually only a four hour audiobook. It’s a follow-up to his book I Am Not Spock. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned on the podcast, before. I did have the opportunity to meet him a couple of times. And I am not someone who really wants to meet famous people. I don’t wanna meet authors or actors or, I don’t wanna meet you. Leonard Nimoy is legitimately–was. Was legitimately one of the nicest people I’ve ever gotten to have a conversation with.

CHELSEA: And now I’m sad all over again.

KAY: And he’s universally beloved for a reason. He truly was so wonderful with fans and genuinely interested in talking to people.

CHELSEA: I’ve never heard a bad anecdote about Leonard Nimoy and his public behavior.

KAY: No and this is not a don’t speak ill of the dead thing. He was truly a really good dude and we are very sad that he is gone. But we are very glad for all the joy he brought to our lives and one of those joys is I Am Spock. Which is a really lovely memoir. And you should probably just read it. Borrow it from your library. Get the audiobook. I really do encourage you to consume this on audio if that’s an option for you. He reads it and it’s really lovely. I also have been reading so much fic lately.


CHELSEA: 2017 is the year fic took over again.

KAY: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. When I am stressed I reread things and that means a lot of fic. So this is a work in progress. I know I rarely recommend those, I think I’ve recommended one other work in progress on the podcast. I’m actually not super familiar with this writer either, so this might get abandoned.

CHELSEA: [gasps] Girl.

KAY: But it’s really good and I love it and I think that even if this is all that ever gets written of it it’s a satisfying read. So. It’s called like a banner into battle by branwyn. It is a Song of Ice & Fire fic. Which y’all know I noped out of Game of Thrones forever ago.

CHELSEA: Yeah, what is this happening here?

KAY: There’s already like 75k so there’s quite a lot written even if nothing else gets written on this. It’s an AU cause I don’t read stuff that follows that canon. So the summary of this fic is: Doran, ruling prince of Dorne, arrives in King’s Landing to discuss the proposed betrothal of his son Prince Trystane to the King’s sister, Princess Myrcella. His entourage arrives at the doors of the throne room JUST in time to see Meryn Trent tear Sansa Stark’s gown open and beat her with his sword.

[Chelsea gasps]

KAY: And as someone whose sister was murdered in that same room I think you guys can probably guess how he reacted to that. So Sansa is, her betrothal to Joffrey is broken and she is spirited away to Dorne and it is what happens after that, mostly. It’s great.

CHELSEA: Is it a gen fic or is there some shipping happening?

KAY: There is some shipping happening, but I legitimately don’t know how it’s gonna work out, yet. Check the tags, obvious age difference stuff. Nothing’s really happened yet, though.

CHELSEA: [laughs]

KAY: Romantic-wise!

CHELSEA: 75k and nothing’s happened yet?

KAY: I just mean romantic-wise. There’s plenty of very interesting plotty shit that has happened. But as far as the shippy stuff goes I don’t know how it’s gonna pan out cause you know. We don’t know. The other fic that I wanted to recommend. I know you don’t want me to recommend any Superbat.

CHELSEA: I don’t. But you can. You sit through all the crazy shit that I recommend, so you recommend whatever your heart desires, my friend, although I will never understand how Superbat became a thing you’re talking about.

KAY: [sighs] It’s Megan’s fault.

CHELSEA: I know. I know it is. And Megan and I are gonna have words later about why she did this to you.

KAY: We’re gonna go ahead and blame friend of the podcast, Megan. Because it’s probably her fault. This fic is as to which may be the true by susiecarter, who is a wonderful writer. You should just go check out their stuff. This is a Superbat fic. I’m sorry! I know. I know. It’s not even my ship, I don’t know what’s happening. It’s canon-divergence, but it is movie-verse. It’s just really lovely. It’s 53k so it’s quite long. Don’t read it if you don’t wanna read something long. It’s basically post-Man vs Man: Dawn of Manpain. And yes. I always refer to that movie that way. It’s basically about after Clark comes back from the dead. Which is obviously a thing that’s gonna happen in the movies cause it’s a thing that has happened in the comics and Henry Cavill has a contract for three more movies or something, right?


CHELSEA: And his mustache. Pretty sure his mustache has a contract for five, but you know.

KAY: They’re gonna have to CGI out his mustache and nothing has ever brought me so much joy. I’m definitely gonna link that article for you guys.

CHELSEA: Sometimes I’ll just google Henry Cavill CGI mustache.

KAY: It’s great. I’m just gonna read you this little snippet of this fic, cause there’s just a lot of pining happening here.

Clark turns and smiles at him, and god, he must look like an idiot, but he just can’t help it: he feels so—so alive, so whole and glad and not alone, and every part of that is pretty much down to Bruce. Bruce, who’s rude and bitter and ungenerous—except for all the time and money and effort he’s spending on putting Clark’s life back in order. Bruce, who’s ostentatious and wears the wrong cologne and—and touched Clark’s throat not three hours ago.

Bruce, who could have kissed him.

CHELSEA: [gasps] No! No.

KAY: There’s just —

CHELSEA: You’re not allowed to give me Superbat feelings!


CHELSEA: Take it back! That’s really good.

KAY: [sighs] When you have the right writer you can read almost anything.

CHELSEA: That’s probably fair.

KAY: That’s probably what happened with Superbat, here.

CHELSEA: Goddammit, Kay.

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: I hate you. So much. Cause that sounds so good and I refuse to let you trick me into Superbat like Megan tricked you.

KAY: Here’s the thing, guys. She’s very anti-Superbat, but this ship is such a Chelsea ship!

CHELSEA: I know!

KAY: One of them is the prince of sunshine and one of them is a dark twisty rich guy.

CHELSEA: He literally lives in a dark tower with his old man butler and his piles of cash.

KAY: This is such Chelsea catnip. I sort of don’t understand how this is not the fandom where she lurks all the time.

CHELSEA: I just don’t. DC. I mean. Listen, okay. Here’s what it is.

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: I know what it is. My favorite Batman is the George Clooney Batman. And y’all can come at me with whatever shit you wanna come at me with. But I love it. And everybody shits on the George Clooney Batman. I’m not saying they’re not wrong. But everybody does it. So I just had to very quietly recede with my —

KAY: Just mentally superimpose Clooney on top of Ben Affleck when you’re reading stuff. It’s not that hard.

CHELSEA: And Christian Bale. Everybody — I just can’t.

KAY: The movies are bad. And the way that they write him he’s garbage. But these fics are good. I would not recommend them if they weren’t good.

CHELSEA: I know they are.

KAY: You can vet me.

CHELSEA: Spoiler alert, I’m probably gonna read that fic when you link it in the show notes. Don’t hold me to it. But the odds are in your favor.

KAY: I can just have Megan link you to her favorites, also.

CHELSEA: [sighs] Alright, fine. You’ve already talked me into it. Who am I kidding? I don’t really care.

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: I pretend to have a lot of really strong feelings, but I’m also very easily swayable. There are very few fandoms or ships that I just have a hard line hard nope out of. So. And that’s not one of them.

KAY: I mean. Twilight.

CHELSEA: Well, that is the perfect transition to talk about the early, some of the early 2018 releases that we are super excited about!

KAY: I don’t have anything coming out after April out of these five. We promise to do a midyear update.

CHELSEA: I couldn’t find anything! I tried to find anything past mid-April and nothing.

KAY: I found some, but I. These were coming out sooner! People didn’t need as much go time as they would on other ones.

CHELSEA: We each have five, so we’ll go ahead and alternate. I’ll start. My first recommendation comes out January 9. Just after the New Year. It is Beneath Sugar Skies by Seanan McGuire. Which is the third Wayward Children novella. The others are Every Heart a Doorway and Down Among the Sticks and Bones and focuses on the children from Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children. Who are children who have gone into fantasy worlds and then for whatever reason been kicked out or have come back to our reality and are dealing with the consequences.

KAY: Returned portal fantasy kids.

CHELSEA: Yes. And it’s super, super great. I adored the first one. I actually love the second one even more. I thought Down Among the Sticks and Bones was amazing. And I really loved the characters of Jack and Jill, who it focused on. I thought it was absolutely fantastic. This one is about the character of Sumi and her daughter Rini. Basically Rini was born years after her mother passed away. And Rini was a prophesied daughter. There was a prophesy dictating that she would be born and now she’s trying to bring her mother back to life using magic. It’s kinda hard to talk about the third one in the series without giving away a bunch of stuff in the first two.

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: But! The portal fantasy and the way that Seanan McGuire uses these books to play on fantasy tropes and established worlds and universes of fantasy in a way that’s really new is a thing that I love. So I’m really excited for the next one and I loved the first two. So again that comes out on January 9. Save some of those holiday gift cards and pick that one up for yourself. Cause I’m really looking forward to it.

KAY: Okay, I think this is gonna be our only token straight white guy out of all these recommendations.

CHELSEA: Is it Scalzi?

KAY: It’s Scalzi.

CHELSEA: It’s always Scalzi.

KAY: If we’re gonna have a straight white guy it’s gonna be Scalzi. This is Head On by John Scalzi. It’s coming out April 19. And it is the sequel to Lock In.

CHELSEA: Oh, yeah!

KAY: Which is a near-future science fiction kind of thriller or procedural. I’ve talked about it on the podcast before. It’s not necessarily a gender neutral narrator, but it’s a gender not specified narrator. There are two versions of the audiobook, one read by Wil Wheaton and one read by Amber Benson. I liked it a lot. Scalzi is also one of the two authors that my dad and I both read and he really loved that one. I think it’s his favorite Scalzi book. This one is, I believe, a direct sequel. I don’t even know how to explain it. I’m gonna read some of the goodreads here. Hilketa is a frenetic and violent pastime where players attack each other with swords and hammers. The main goal of the game: obtain your opponent’s head and carry it through the goalposts. With flesh and bone bodies, a sport like this would be impossible. But all the players are “threeps,” robot-like bodies controlled by people with Haden’s Syndrome, so anything goes. No one gets hurt, but the brutality is real and the crowds love it. Until a star athlete drops dead on the playing field. Is it an accident or murder? So it’s our same crew from last time trying to solve this crime.

CHELSEA: That’s gonna be so good.

KAY: I did not realize that’s what this was about and this makes me laugh really hard. Because not only was that previous book one of my dad’s favorites, but he’s been saying for years that we’re gonna have gladiators come back and it’s gonna be a big thing.


CHELSEA: E-gladiators.

KAY: There you go, dad. Here it is. You’re gonna love it.

CHELSEA: My next one comes out February 13. Just in time for Valentine’s Day if your Valentine’s Day tastes tend to run a little darker. This is The Lucky Ones by Tiffany Reisz. You have heard us talk about Tiffany Reisz before in regards to her erotica books. Her book The Siren was the first erotica book I ever read and I fell for it super hard. I’ve been a pretty big fangirl of hers since that happened. I think her writing is gorgeous. This is not a romance or erotica. This is her kind of venturing into literary horror mystery kind of on that end. I’m just gonna read it to you. They called themselves “the lucky ones.” They were seven children either orphaned or abandoned by their parents and chosen by legendary philanthropist and brain surgeon Dr. Vincent Capello to live in The Dragon, his almost magical beach house on the Oregon Coast. Allison was the youngest of the lucky ones living an idyllic life with her newfound family…until the night she almost died, and was then whisked away from the house and her adopted family forever. Now, thirteen years later, Allison receives a letter from Roland, Dr. Capello’s oldest son, warning her that their father is ill and in his final days. Allison determines she must go home again and confront the ghosts of her past. She’s determined to find out what really happened that fateful night–was it an accident or, as she’s always suspected, did one of her beloved family members try to kill her? So this is several things that I love all together.

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: It is Tiffany Reisz. It is haunted housey ghost story. It is also getting the band back together. I’m really excited to see what Tiffany Reisz can do with her prose and this kind of like horror mystery spin since she’s done, in my opinion, really really great things. Also I think January/February is a great time of year for ghost stories. And things that take place in haunted houses and seaside villages and all of those kind of dark and stormy kind of places. So I’m really looking forward to picking that one up.

KAY: Nice!

CHELSEA: Yeah! Your turn.

KAY: My next one is Unmasked by the Marquess by Cat Sebastian. Comes out April 17. We are huge Cat Sebastian fans here. Huge Cat Sebastian fans. And this is going to be the first book in a new series from her. So she’s writing a series of, this is directly from her website, ‘I’m also writing a series of queerish but not male/male Regencies.’ So far all of her books have been male/male romances. ‘The series title is Regency Imposters. And the first book, Unmasked by the Marquess, will come out in Spring of 2018. It’s the story of a servant who dresses as a man to impersonate her employer and then accidentally falls in love with a prickly bisexual aristocrat.’ And I don’t think you understand how basically all of those words are magic. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: Prickly bisexual aristocrat is like the secret passphrase directly into my heart.


CHELSEA: That is just everything. It’s so good. Plus it’s gonna be Cat Sebastian’s prickly bisexual aristocrat, so.

KAY: Also we’re getting girl in trousers trope stuff, which I always love. But that’s April 17. Unmasked by the Marquess by Cat Sebastian. And we’re stoked.

CHELSEA: Alright, my next one comes out February 20 and it’s The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton. This takes place in kind of an alternate world. Alternate future New Orleans where beauty is an actual commodity. It’s something that people aren’t born with, but it’s something you can purchase if you employ the services of a Belle, somebody who can make you beautiful. And the story’s about Camellia, who wants to be Belle to the queen. She wants to be the top Belle to the queen of Orleans. In the kingdom of Orleans. So. It’s southern belles meets kind of sci-fi commentary on beauty. Dhonielle Clayton is African American. The main character of the book is African American.

KAY: That cover is gorgeous.

CHELSEA: Absolutely stunning African American model on it. We’ll be sure to link it. Take a look at the cover. It pulled me in. it’ll pull you in. So that comes out on February 20.

KAY: We’re both really looking forward to that one.

CHELSEA: It’s gonna be great.

KAY: Next up. Another one we’re both looking forward to. Most of these are ones we’re both looking forward to, I think.


KAY: Hurts to Love You.

CHELSEA: Okay. We’re looking forward to all of these, but we had to like fight over this one. This is the one we had to fight about who got to talk about it.

KAY: We did an episode about the first book in this series. We love Alisha. This book is gonna be amazing. We’ve both read the first two. So the series is Hate to Want You, which we did an episode about. Then Wrong to Need You which we both read and which comes out really soon, right? It comes out right after Thanksgiving. The release date for that is November 28. And then I believe this is the final book in the series. Hurts to Love You is gonna come out March 22 of next year. So excited! The heroine of this one is the sister of the hero from the first book. She’s an heiress and she has a lifelong crush on the tattooed hottie who just happens to be her big brother’s friend. He’s the son of the housekeeper. And I just. I just! We will definitely have to link to Alisha’s tweets from when she was at the cover shoot for this.

CHELSEA: Oh, dude. The model for this book is just so good.


CHELSEA: I lost my shit when she tweeted the photos.

KAY: These covers are all so good. These books are all so good

CHELSEA: So great! This third one, the dude has this half man pony. Y’all gotta look at the pictures.

KAY: That comes out March 27.

CHELSEA: My next pick comes out on April 24. This is one of the romance novels that I am recommending. It’s Savor You by Kristen Proby. It’s from the Fusion series. This is about a cook who gets her restaurant featured on a TV show called Best Bites, so I’m imagining it’s very similar to like a Guy Fieri Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives kinda thing. She gets all this kinda newfound fame and notoriety which is great for her. Her name is Mia. She’s been working on building this restaurant up for a really long time and then all of a sudden in walks Camden Sawyer. He’s an ex-boyfriend of hers who’s also made a name for himself in the cooking world, but he’s basically this world-renowned chef. So whereas Mia has kinda had to pull herself up by her bootstraps, Camden hit it big and became a celebrity chef. They’d broken up. Now he’s back. They have to have feelings together and also it takes place in a kitchen and in the food world. It’s about a cooking competition they end up going onto this reality cooking competition show together. It’s just so good. I’m so excited. I’m really, really looking forward to it. I like food and romance books. I think that that’s a thing that works really well together. A lot of the time. And this one with the added competition reality TV show aspect? Y’all know that’s my jam. So I am super looking forward to it. Again, that’s Savor You by Kristen Proby and it comes out on April 24.

KAY: Side note, if you like romance with food I do definitely recommend Alice Clayton. My next pick is Love, Hate, & Other Filters by Samira Ahmed. It’s an own voices coming of age debut novel about an Indian-American Muslim team confronting Islamophobia. And it sounds amazing. She wants to go to film school. Her parents want her to stay nearby and be a good Indian daughter and find a nice Muslim boy to marry young. And that’s not what she wants. There’s also apparently really great friendship stuff. She’s making a documentary with her best friend Violet and so they sneak off. And she’s doing all sorts of fun summer stuff. And then her world is shattered when a suicide bomber strikes in the American heartland and just happens to have her last name. So what happens to the one Muslim family in town when their community is suddenly consumed with hatred and fear?

CHELSEA: Damn. That’s gonna be so good.

KAY: I just. And Samira Ahmed was born in Bombay and grew up in fairly rural Illinois. So obviously this is not based on her, but this is gonna be really grounded in that experience and I am really looking forward to that. So that’s January 16, Love, Hate, and Other Filters by Samira Ahmed.

CHELSEA: Alright, and then the last book I’m gonna recommend is a sequel, it comes out April 1. Circle Unbroken by Zoraida Cordova. Which is the second book in the Brooklyn Bruja series. The first book, Labyrinth Lost, was absolutely my jam. It is about Alex who is a bisexual teenage female bruja, or witch, only she doesn’t want to be a witch. She hates her magic. She comes up to her Death Day celebration, which is a big celebration in the bruja culture. She makes a wish to get rid of her magic, but she accidentally strips magic from everybody who has magic in her life is taken away. Instead of her magic going, everybody with magic goes. So then she has to use her magic to find her family again, solve her problem. Figure out what she wants to do about the thing that she doesn’t really like being a witch. Or does she? It’s just really great. It’s coming of age. I’m all here for bisexual female witch characters. All of them. Give them to me now, please. So I don’t actually know, I looked, I cannot find a summary or any kind of preview info about Circle Unbroken, so I don’t really know what it’s about. But the first one was so good that I’m just gonna go into it even not knowing that.

KAY: You’re here for it.

CHELSEA: I’m gonna recommend it because the first one was super great. So that comes out April 1 and it’s called Circle Unbroken.

KAY: Alright so. This recommendation. This book I am looking forward to comes with [draws out the word] all the caveats.


KAY: All of them. Because it’s Tamora Pierce. And Tamora Pierce is problematic fave to the max. Because I think we both grew up reading her stuff?

CHELSEA: Oh yeah. The Alanna series was like my first yeah.

KAY: Our intro to fantasy. The Emelan books and the Alanna books and the Keladry books. The Protector of the Small series. I just. They don’t hold up, okay. I love her. I reread the Alanna books and that is some white savior colonialist bullshit.

CHELSEA: I tried and I couldn’t. I got them on audio and I couldn’t. I tried.

KAY: But! These are characters that we grew up with and love. And this book was announced literally four years ago under a different title. It’s Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce. It’s coming out February 6. If you are familiar with the Tortall books at all. It’s about young Numair. And it’s gonna be at least a trilogy. Maybe a quartet. And I just.

CHELSEA: I’m conflicted.

KAY: There are so few things you could tell me Tamora Pierce was writing that would drag me back, and a series about young Numair is one of them.


CHELSEA: One of three possible things she could’ve given me. Especially to sign on for three or four books, but we’re here for it.

KAY: It’s about young Numair at magic school. And I just what. What? What do you want from me? I’m weak. I’m weak!

CHELSEA: We have many problematic faves and Tamora Pierce is one of them.

KAY: We will definitely update you after we have read this and tell you if you don’t need to read it cause it’s a trash fire or if she has actually learned something. I doubt she’s actually learned something.

CHELSEA: I doubt so, too, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed super hard, because you never know. But yeah. We are not hopeful, but we’re looking forward to it cause maybe it’ll be great?

KAY: You hear the question mark. There’s many verbal question marks happening right now.

CHELSEA: Apologies if I don’t get it all edited out in the background, if you hear knocking. It’s my son and my husband just got home and he can hear me talking and can’t see me and he doesn’t understand why that’s happening.


CHELSEA: But that’s okay because we are done with our five recs. Those are the things we’re looking forward to at the beginning of 2018. As always you can hit us up on the internet if you want some more things we’re looking forward to. We couldn’t fit everything in this podcast.

KAY: Not even close, yeah.

CHELSEA: So next time you can join us we’re coming back next week to talk about An Unkindness of Magicians, which is the new Kat Howard book that we really loved. Super loved a lot. Kay’s only five star read of the year so far.

KAY: So far.

CHELSEA: So join us next week to talk about that. Until next time, you guys know where to find us on the internet. Take care of yourselves and have happy reading. Bye!

KAY: Buh-bye!


KAY: Also this dog is just staring so forlornly at me from the porch. It is nice outside and I gave you a ball. [Laughs] What do you want? Stop staring at me like I killed your child. [Laughs] This dog. This dog, man.