Transcript: Not Now, I’m Reading: 2017 in Review & Star Wars Fic Recs

C: Welcome back to episode 24 of Not Now, I’m Reading, your one-stop shop for all things genre. My name is Chelsea.

K: And I’m Kay.

C: And today we are doing our show stats breakdown and talking about some of our goals for 2018. Before we recommend a whole bunch of Star Wars fic to you guys.

K: Yes.

C: Yes! In keeping with the theme of Star Wars December, we’ll each have five things to recommend to you. We tried to make sure they weren’t ones we hadn’t already talked about a hundred million times, but no promises.


C: There may still be some repeats. But as always, before that, we’ll tell about what we’re currently reading or just finished. I am super not prepared, so Kay is gonna go first and talk to you guys.


K: Story of my life, guys.

C: Story of our lives, guys.

K: That’s not true. That is not true. Chelsea is prepared like 99.9% of the time.

C: Oh, pish posh.

K: But she is a busy parent and shit happens. So I’ll go ahead and go first. I read the most wonderful thing. The most wonderful thing! By Alyssa Cole. Which comes out in the spring. You need to preorder this.

C: Right now.

K: We’ll have links in the show notes.

C: Do it now.

K: It’s called A Princess in Theory. And it is fucking amazing.


C: it is so good.

K: We have both read this. Right? You finished this already, didn’t you, Chelsea?

C: Yeah, I loved it.

K: If you are still hyped about the royal engagement news and you are looking for some royal romances? Here you go. This one even has a black heroine. Oh my god, guys. It’s just so great. So you’ve got a scientist heroine living in New York. She is an orphan. Doesn’t know anything, really, about her family. And she keeps getting these weird spam emails that are basically from a Nigerian prince scammer, is what she thinks. Except it’s not a scam. She’s actually betrothed to the prince of this African nation.

C: Surprise!

K: Perfect concept. And how it all breaks down is also wonderful.

C: It’s so good.

K: I had really minor quibbles about pacing in the third act. I kind of wish they had gone to, what is the, is it Thesolo? Maybe?

C: Yes, that’s how I said it.

K: It’s been like two weeks since I read this, so be happy I even remember what this book is called.


K: But I kinda wish they had gone to Thesolo earlier so the mystery subplot had a little more time to unfold, but I did really enjoy it. And, as always, Alyssa writes heroes that I love just as much as her heroines, which is a high bar. A really, really high bar. Okay?

C: A very high bar.

K: I am a picky motherfucker and I don’t like alphaholes.

[Chelsea laughs]

K: I don’t know how many of our listeners are big romance readers. I assume some of you. Alpha male heroes who are assholes are alphaholes.


K: So if that one took you a little off-guard, that’s what that meant.


K: Anyway, that’s called A Princess in Theory. I believe that comes out in March of next year. [Nope, Kay was wrong, it comes out in February.] We’ll have information in the show notes, obviously. And then I have a couple of fics to recommend. By a couple I mean, literally a couple. There’s only two. This one is by chash, who is one of my all-time favorite fanfic writers. I wish you guys could see Chelsea’s face. She’s always happy when I tell her there’s new chash fic.

C: Well, plus chash does their holiday prompt fic things and they started on my birthday and it was just the best little birthday present. To start getting chash fics every day.

K: If you are unfamiliar with chash that’s c-h-a-s-h, every year they do a thing where you can request time stamps or just totally original fics, aus, whatever, and they post two or three between 1000 and much longer word stories a day.

C: A day!

K: For like a month and a half through the holidays.

C: It’s so good.

K: It’s amazing. She’s already posted twenty or something. Completely bananas.

C: The holidays are such a good time for fandom.

K: We’ll link you to chash’s Tumblr that’s just all the holiday fics. It’s wonderful. This one was posted right before she started doing all these. This is It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like. So it is still a holiday fic. It’s so cute. It’s for The 100 fandom. It’s Bellamy/Clarke, which most of her fic for the last year has been Bellarke, The 100 fandom. I’m just gonna read you the summary and you’re gonna be in. I’m telling you.

“Bellamy generally likes being part of the regular cast of Arcadia Network Christmas movies. It’s not the most glamorous job, but it pays decently and it’s kind of fun.

It’s even more fun when Clarke Griffin asks if he wants to help her out with some low key blackmail.” So they’re basically gonna blackmail the network into being more diverse. It’s adorable. Love a good team up. It’s funny, it’s very sweet, as always.

C: Plus at this season of Holiday Hallmark movies it’s extra awesome.

K: I’m trash for fluffy holiday shit.

C: Talk about the next one! I’m so excited for the next one.

K: [laughs] This is one of my absolute favorite fics in Law & Order: SVU fandom by one of my favorite writers in many fandoms. This writer also has written a Sherlock/Addams Family crossover that is surprisingly not cracky and really wonderful. etothepii is the writer and this fic is called When the Light Shifts. It is a Barba/Carisi fic. Because of course. We’re really sorry about this, guys, but it’s so good. So Carisi’s sister is getting married, which is a canon thing. She knows Barba because he helped with her fiancé’s case. And so they invite him to the wedding and he thinks it’s a ‘thanks for helping us out’ invite.

C: Almost a pity invite.

K: But it’s a real invite, so she tells her brother you better fucking get him to come to my wedding. And his plus one is not coming because they broke up, so he offers to have him be his plus one. And so they’re going to this wedding.

C: It’s so good.

K: And it’s a really wonderful bit of worldbuilding, too, of Carisi’s family. We have very bare bones details about everyone in SVU except Olivia. Come on, SVU writers. We could use a little more background on any of these people.

C: Yeah, let’s step that up a little bit. Literally any of them. Any of them.

K: Literally any of them but Olivia. And the only reason we know about Olivia as much as we do is because she’ been on for 15 seasons! [Laughs]

C: It’s a little ridiculous.

K: Anyway. This fic is really lovely and adorable and super cute. And I wouldn’t say it’s pre-slash, but it’s pre-slash. It’s fluffy first date at a wedding. So. It’s great and funny.

C: yes, it’s great.

K: And sweet and you should go read it immediately. And that’s it.

C: Cool. Okay, so my turn. I, guys. Guys. I did it! I finished The Dark Tower series!

K: Whaaaat?

C: I done went and did it.

K: I’m so proud of you. Not being facetious. I’m really proud of you.

C: I’m actually really proud of myself, because although that’s nowhere near the longest I’m sure people have spent reading this series, I’ve been reading this series for seven years. That’s really fucking long for me.

K: It’s a long time.

C: I finally finished the seventh one. It was my goal to finish it in 2017 and I’m really glad that I did. There’s not really anything I can tell you guys about this book, because it’s the seventh one.


C: It’s really weird. If you are unaware, towards the end of this Dark Tower series, Stephen King writes himself into the book as a character. Things get very meta about the influence of the storyteller and the storyteller as the creator of the world, but then in this world the characters take their own lives and come back and influence the storyteller. It’s a fucking trip, you guys. I mean, I will give props to any person or writer who can create a series this elaborate with crossovers with all of his other body of work that intense, cause I sure as shit couldn’t do that. Stephen Kings’ brain is just a thing to be admired.

K: A weird and wonderful place.

C: If you haven’t started the Dark Tower series, I don’t know that I would recommend that you would.

[Kay laughs]

C: Having read them all. But I am glad that I did, I wouldn’t do it again if I went back seven years.

K: I think I’ve only read the first one.

C: The first one is not great. It’s only a couple hundred pages long and it’s very much a western and the sci-fi stuff is not as strong.

K: It’s like a western and then it turns into epic fantasy slash near future sci-fi. Right? That’s this series? I’m all for genre hopping, but that’s a hop.

C: The gunslingers are basically descended from King Arthur.

K: I did know that.

C: So they’re kind of the knights errant, but instead of knights they’re cowboys, gunslingers, so a modern thing of that. And there are several layers of reality that they move between. So it’s high fantasy and near future dystopia and commentary on the pop culture of the 60s/70s/80s. This book is super fucking weird. This whole series is super fucking weird. If you like Stephen King this is one of those things where if you like Easter eggs, you like reading a work that has links to other work.

K: All of his shit is connected to each other.

C: Yeah, so if you’re into that kind of puzzle, which I am, I enjoy that. It’s fun to do. I don’t know if I would recommend an 8000 page long book series just for that particular enjoyment. But you can! It’s there, it’s fun. But I’m just glad I fucking finished it. I’m super glad it’s done. [Laughs] So once I finished that, my brain hurt real bad so I decided to switch back to fanfiction. And you know what? Kay keeps apologizing. I’m not sorry. I just keeping swimming in this big ol’ Carisi/Barba hole. Just like on my floaty with my coconut water. Chilling out and reading all the fic. It’s delicious. So the first thing I’m gonna recommend is, well, it’s me. So I’m gonna recommend some porn. The first one I’m gonna recommend is called Lawful Restraint by AHumanFemalePower-Bottom-Barba (Cap_Against_The_Clap)Robin Hood (kjack89). This is a Barba/Carisi fic in which Barba actually plays the submissive and Carisi is the dominant, which in general in this fandom is the reverse of the power dynamic. So it’s a little bit light BDSM, just porn. 10,000 words long. It’s super great if you enjoy kind of seeing power dynamics that are usually established flipped so that they’re reversed, this is an awesome way to do that. And as always, I like AHumanFemale. I like the way they write their Carisi/Barba banter. The second one is just what can I say. It’s porn.

K: It’s wonderful, I’m sure.

C: If you listened to our last episode, Kay called me, what was it? An angst monster? An angst guzzler?

K: I mean. [Laughs] I call you that a lot, to be honest.

C: I’m gonna specifically recommend this fic because it is maybe that thing but the most of that thing I’ve ever been. It’s called Someone Like You by AHumanFemaleRobin Hood (kjack89). It’s another Barba/Carisi fic. This is based on the lyrics of Someone Like You by Adele.

K: You guys can’t see me. I’m just shaking my head over and over. Because I’m subscribed to Robin Hood and no.

[Chelsea laughs]

K: No!

[Chelsea laughs harder]

K: Just reading the summary when I got that in my email I was like delete! Chelsea’s reading this right now. [Laughs]

C: I clicked on it so fast I almost broke my phone.


C: So this story is only 2,000 words, but it’s the first installment and the whole series is about what happens when Rafael and Sonny kind of meet again after being a part for ten years. The premise is that Sonny wanted a family and Rafael didn’t so they separated. Now they’re working on getting back together. Someone Like You is specifically about when Barba goes, who’s Judge Barba right now because it’s been ten years, to watch Sonny get his sergeant’s shield and they see each other and ohmygod you guys. This was too much angst almost for me to handle. I had to click out take a breath and come back. Because it’s just. Animal noises.

K: Nope!

C: Heart being ripped out of my chest.

K: Nooopeeeee.

C: Animal noises. [Laughs]

K: Nope.

C: And it’s just. I was so glad that I waited until all three parts are published because the first one does not necessarily end happily. So know that. You have to read the other parts to get to the happy part. But oh my god.

K: Nope. [Laughs]

C: I was just in a puddle on the floor and it was amazing.

K: I’m just that gif where the girl is rolling across the floor saying ‘nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.’

C: Whereas just picture me as the hungry, hungry hippos shoving all the angst into my mouth as fast as I can because it’s so good.


C: So those are the things that I’ve been reading.

[Funin’ and Sunin’ by Kevin MacLeod plays]

C: We are gonna go ahead and get into kinda the meat of the episode. Which first is gonna be a little bit of a stats breakdown on what we read this year on the podcast. It’s always helpful and healthy to do some self-reflection when you’re doing a project like ours. And then after that we’re gonna do some fic recs! We’re gonna recommend you guys some Star Wars fics, so yeah. Kay, how many books did we read on the podcast this year?

K: We read fifteen books for the podcast this year, which I think is a good number, especially considering we started in June. Maybe? I’m pretty sure June. So fifteen books for the podcast between June and the end of the year? That’s not shabby. We have our category breakdown. We read nine adult books and six YA. I’m pretty comfortable with that ratio.

C: Yeah, I think that’s good.

K: I don’t feel like we need to do much modification of that for next year. If you guys have opinions and think we need to be reading more YA, let us know. I feel like we had a good mix, cause I do prefer adult just a little bit more. But if you guys want more YA, let us know. I’m sure we can find some. And then our gender breakdown. All of our books were by women except for Miles Morales, which was by Jason Reynolds. So.

C: Literally our show notes say: 14 by women and 1 by Jason Reynolds.

K: [laughs] I am perfectly comfortable with that breakdown and if anyone is not, fight me.

C: Move along. Keep walking.

K: I would like to read more books by trans or nonbinary writers next year if we can get our hands on some. I know we’ve touched on this on the podcast before. We pretty much exclusively read books that we either get advanced copies for or that we can get from our library. So selection is a little harder for that, but we’re definitely gonna make an effort to read some non-cis folks next year.

C: Racial breakdown, this is probably the area where we feel we could do the biggest to improve.

K: A lot better, yeah.

C: We read seven books by white authors. Six books by authors of color. And one book that was a compilation, so it had white and people of color contributions to it. So about fifty percent across the board.

K: We can do a lot better than that. We’re gonna really try and aim for two thirds.

C: We’re hoping to get to 60% or above and that’s just a matter of just doing our best to look for, like we said, the library books and e-galleys coming out. If you have books by authors of color that are coming out or that have recently come out that you wanna rec to us or that you think are great, especially if they’re genre books.

K: Same with non-cis authors, please.

C: Mmhmm. Please pass them along. We are always looking for more books to add to the list. And then by genre we read six romance, one mystery, and eight SFF books.

K: I’m also pretty happy with that breakdown.

C: yeah, that’s fine with me. I didn’t like the one mystery book that we read, but that’s not the genre’s fault.


K: That was for the Hatening.

C: That was intentional.

K: If you guys are interested in us reading other genres, let us know. We personally just mostly read SFF and romance. We could try other, if you have some very cool thriller or something written by a woman that you think we would like, we’d be into that. Or, um.

C: I’d like to try and get into a horror book is a lot of them are not super great with women and violence against women, which we’re not into. So if you have horror books that don’t have those things in them?

K: We know they are out there. But they need to be good with women and also I am a little weird about body horror stuff. So. I don’t need to be inadvertently traumatized. But if you have recommendations, let me know and just give us your warnings. We’ll appreciate that. So much. Cause again, we do wanna branch out some more.

C: Always looking to add more.

K: Always looking to add more. I think we did pretty good on our books breakdown. Not a lot of things I feel like we could’ve done a whole lot better.

C: I think especially because initially when we sat down to start we had a couple of titles on the list, but we didn’t plan out super far in advance what we were gonna be reading.

K: Nope, we did not.

C: So it was a little bit kind of flyby. Without that planning, just kind of picking as we found stuff, I still think we did a pretty good job. Obviously always room for improvement, especially in that racial category. But on the whole, I’m fairly satisfied with our first year.

K: I do wanna read more queer authors, but the thing about looking for LGBTQ authors is you don’t want someone to have to out themselves so you can read an ownvoices book, you know? I feel very strongly about that. So if you know of an out queer author who writes in the genres that we like that you think we’d enjoy, please let us know.

C: Please do, yes.

K: I just feel like authors shouldn’t have to out themselves just so I can feel better about reading their books.

C: Right.

K: It’s one of those breakdown things where I’m like I’d like to read more of this, but as a queer person I don’t expect you to out yourself so I can feel better about reading your book.

C: So like we said, if you know some known queer out writers to recommend, we know they’re out there, but we don’t see everything in the world. So if you have things, not just right now but as a blanket ask, if you ever come across some genre fiction by authors of color, nonbinary people, both, all of the above, please feel free to send them our way. Alright, so.

K: Star Wars time.

[Funin’ and Sunin’ by Kevin MacLeod plays]

C: Let’s do the fic recs, you guys. Brace yourselves, it’s Star Wars time.


C: Whatever.

K: We’re also gonna link to, on my blog I have several fic rec lists with lots and lots of Star Wars fics. Which I think almost all the ones I’m reccing are on there, somewhere. But there’s plenty more where this came from. This is just a few to get you hyped for The Last Jedi. I’m so excited.

C: Which, to be fair, if you’re not already hyped for The Last Jedi I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life.

K: We’re just helping them get in the right headspace! We understand that the world is a flaming garbage pit and it’s hard to take joy in the things you would normally be taking joy in.

C: So hard, guys.

K: We’re gonna try and help you get there. We’re gonna try and get you ready for this.

C: Stick with us, man. We’re gonna do the best we can. We will alternate. We each have five to give you guys. I’ll go ahead and start. My first one that I would recommend is one that I’ve actually talked about before. Fair warning: most of mine are probably gonna be ones I’ve already talked about because Star Wars fandom is not one I read in quite as vociferously or widely as Kay does. So just, you know, know that. But the ones that I read and bookmark are ones I love super, super hard. So this first one is called i guess i’ll know when i get there by eisoj5. It’s super, super long. It’s 239,000 words. It’s not complete, but it’s being reliably and consistently updated, so I feel very comfortable reccing it to you guys. It is basically a Rogue One, nobody dies post-Rogue one.

K: Canon divergence.

C: A canon divergence crossover. And it’s Bodhi Rook/Luke Skywalker. And there’s also some Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso as well as some Chirrut/Baze. It’s basically what happens when the group of Rogue One joins the actual Resistance and Bodhi and Luke meet. It deals with PTSD. With the pain and struggles of war and the dark sides of war and dealing with what happens when you have friends who die and you’re fighting for this cause and all the big questions the Star Wars universe brings up, in addition to just, also, being Bodhi Rook is my precious cinnamon roll and I love him so much.

K: Also, don’t let Chelsea mislead you to think this is just a relationship story. It would be fine if it was just a relationship story, but it’s actually a rewrite of the original trilogy positing that the Rogue One folks survived and stayed with the Rebellion. So it’s an epic. And it’s amazing. [Laughter]

C: Your turn.

K: So this one. I’ll do my Rogue One, also. This is thoroughly soul crushing. It’s called The Last Poem of Jedha —

[Chelsea makes horrible wailing noises]

K: — by schweinsty. It’s only about 15k words, versus that 200,000+ monster we just recommended.

C: Ooohh, yeah. [Laughs] Talk about starting off with a bang, man. Sorry, guys.

K: This is a really amazing Bodhi Rook-centric story. It is an alternate universe in that they didn’t all die at the end of Rogue One, but there are important characters in this who do die. So if you don’t read death fic at all, don’t read this one. And it is very, very sad. There is also some self-harm, because of mental trauma and not a rational state of mind type of thing happening. There’s fairly comprehensive notes on this, but obviously we want you all to be reading things that are good for you. There’s some background Cassian/Jyn and also Chirrut/Baze, because space husbands. But it, this really is about Bodhi Rook and it’s an amazing piece of worldbuilding about Jedha and the culture there. And I’m just gonna read you this one line. “The Rook children, everybody says, are destined to be the greatest poets of their generation.” And then just picture me flinging myself on the ground and wailing. And it’s…it’s gorgeous.

C: Dead, I’m dead.

K: This is beautifully written.

C: It’s so good guys.

K: It’s so good guys, you need to read it. And if you somehow managed to miss Rogue One when that came out, it is on Netflix, so.

C: Go remedy that for yourself immediately.

K: It’s a little soul crushing. Just like The Last Poem of Jedha. But um, go watch it anyway. So good.

C: My next one. Let’s see. I’ll go ahead and do my space husbands one. your carbon makes a star, and after all that’s all we are by wolfhalls. Which is still one of my favorite titles of any fic I’ve read this year. It’s a Chirrut/Baze story and it is basically on the last night together that they have on Jedha, they, it’s Baze reflecting back on when he met Chirrut and then Chirrut reflecting back on times he’s had with Baze and just their relationship. This one is just pretty much straight relationship navel-gazing. This is just fluff and angst and talking about how they fell in love. And there’s also some sex in it, which, you know. Who doesn’t want also some of that? So if you love your space husbands just as much as I do, I highly recommend this one. It’s only 5,000 words so it won’t take you long to read it. It’s a little soul crushing, but it’s also incredibly sweet. So I highly recommend that one and I think I may have to reread it again now that I’ve talked about it. That may end up happening.

K: [laughs] Okay, my next one is Force Awakens future fic, so this is gonna get jossed as soon as the new movie is out, obviously.

C: Yeah.

K: But it is a city built on water by Deputychairman. And it posits a future in which, the first line: The war ends not in victory or defeat, but in stalemate that forces a truce. And it’s kind of just how that shakes out practically speaking. It also is about, sorry, there’s lots of Leia feels in this one. And I’m having a Carrie moment. Which is many moments of my life, but we miss Carrie so much. And whenever there’s a really great Leia thing I just need a moment. Sorry.

C: No, you’re fine.

K: But Leia and Finn are actually really good bros in this and it brings me much joy, but this is also a Poe/Finn fic, which I love a lot. It’s only 14,000 words.

C: That’s not bad.

K: It’s not super long. It’s really great. And there is a sequel that’s another 15,000 words, but this one totally stands on its own.

C: I’ll go ahead, the next one I’m gonna recommend is pretty sure. It’s only 1500 words. It’s the sequel to a 200,000 word fic, but you don’t necessarily need to have read that one to read this one.

K: [wheeze-laughs] I would hope not!

C: No, I know. Why would I do that to you?

K: You would do that to me, though, Chelsea.

C: I would do that to all of you, because I did that to myself. But this one, to me, falls very similar into the vein of sick fic for me, which is cuddle fic, especially in situations where cuddling would be really gross.

K: [laughs, disbelieving] What?!

C: It’s called whetstone by shuofthewind. It is a Jyn/Cassian pairing in Rogue One in which nobody dies at the end and they join the crew of A New Hope as is most of the fic that got written, because of how crushing the end of Rogue One was. But so they have returned from a mission and they’re super gross, but the showers don’t work, but then they take care of each other and cuddle and it’s great.

K: I wasn’t on board, but you mentioned it’s shuofthewind, so I might actually look into that. [Laughs]

C: It’s pretty great, like I said you don’t need any external knowledge other than they’re back from a trip and they’re rode pretty hard and then they cuddle.

K: Beautiful. Love it. Apologies for my Latin.


C: You did so good with your Spanish a couple weeks ago.

K: Guys, failure at anything that is not English, and mostly a failure at English. So. This fic is called Et in Arcadia ego. Obviously that’s not how you say that, but sorry.

C: Sounded good to me.

K: I got nothing. It’s by notbecauseofvictories. It’s only 1300 words, it’s very short. It is canon-divergence The Force Awakens fic. The idea of this is so perfect. When Finn asks Rey to come with him when they’re at Maz’s place, she goes. And they run off together, but the Force is not kind to, the last line of this is: The Force is merciless, jealous of its Skywalkers. A pity it killed everyone who might have taught her so.

[Chelsea wails]

K: So this does not have a happy ending.

C: Oh no.

K: But it’s gorgeous and it’s Finn/Rey. It’ll crush your heart in 1300 words or less.

C: Does anybody die? I can’t read it if anybody dies. Is anybody who’s not already dead die?

K: [laughs] Not on the page.

C: Okay, that’s fine. I mean, that’s fine.

K: So.

C: I can deal with that.

K: You can deal with that. But it’s gorgeous and nonlinear and it’s just quick ten scenes out of order is how it’s structured. It’s lovely. And very sad. [Laughs]

C: Oh, man. Alright, well after you’ve read that one, you can come and read this next one of mine, cause it’s delightful. It’s called this is a day of rest by notcaycepollard. We’ve talked about it before. It’s 3,000 words. It is basically what happens when everybody is given a day off and Finn and Rey don’t really know how to do that, so they go to Poe’s quarters super early in the day.

K: What is a rest day?

C: So Finn and Rey show up at Poe’s quarters being like we don’t know what to do with ourselves and then make bedroom eyes at him and they all fuck and it’s great.

K: That’s pretty much what happens, actually. Sometimes I feel the need to correct Chelsea’s summaries of things, cause she focuses on pretty specific aspects, but that’s basically what this is.

C: That’s literally what this is. They’re like hey, you’re room’s nicer than ours. Can we hang out here? And he’s like sure. And then they have sex. It’s super awesome. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t recommend a little bit of porn to you guys. So I highly recommend that one. It has several happy endings. Ba-dum-tiss.

K: [laughs hysterically]

C: So good. I’m congratulating myself on that one cause it’s so good.

K: You’re a bad person. Okay.


C: Whatever.

K: I have definitely recommended this one on the podcast before. I love it so much. It’s called road trip playlist by magneticwave. It’s gen. It takes place like immediately post-The Force Awakens, so another one that’s gonna get jossed really thoroughly when the new movie comes out, but the [laughs] magneticwave is always great and very funny, but also gives you gut punch feels. So here’s the summary: Rey is XO of a piece of junk, her captain is a foul-mouthed Wookiee who doesn’t respect people who respect authority, and there are pictures of naked people glued to the ceiling of the Falcon. She honestly couldn’t be more thrilled.

It’s so lovely. It’s basically a Rey and Chewie character piece, which is not a thing I knew I needed in my life.

C: Aw, so cute.

K: It’s so great. And there’s also great droid stuff with our original bros R2-D2 and C-3PO. It’s just very sweet and lovely and you should go read it. It’s only 5500 words.

C: My last one is not that. This is Resistance is Built on Hope by ChronicOlicity. This is 162,000 words, but it’s a WWII AU and it is epic, you guys. It is an epic story. I’ll just read you guys the description.

“The year is 1940, and Europe is at war. Jyn Erso keeps her head down, apart from the occasional brushes with the law. She doesn’t care about flags or countries or sides or allegiances. She’s been on her own for a good, long time, and she won’t fight for anyone except herself.
So when she gets into trouble in German-occupied France, she doesn’t expect anyone’s help – least of all a so-called rescue party spearheaded by the Resistance, who break her out in order to make an offer that promises to change her life forever.
Her father is a scientist working for Germany, and with his help, they have the potential and capacity to inflict untold damage using a new weapon. He needs to be found, and Captain Cassian Andor thinks she’s the one to do it.”

The slotting of Rogue One into WWII is both an obvious parallel.

K: Because space nazis.

C: But also to actually take it Earth-side and recast this crew as actual Earth citizens in the politics of WWII is an incredibly cool thing to see worked out on paper. If you’re into WWII AUs I highly recommend checking it out.

K: My last rec is  The Sun in Your Eyes and Starlight in Your Hair by victoriousscarf. Which I refer to as the Luke Skywalker intergalactic cat lady fic.


K: it’s so adorable. I love it so much.

C: it’s so good.

K: It’s post-Return of the Jedi and then ignores most of the extended universe and The Force Awakens, because it is a Luke/Han fic. Chewie is also in it. But it’s basically Luke is very tired and is stretching himself out too thin and Han is like this is not happening. You’re coming with us. And then Luke keeps acquiring cats.

C: That’s delightful.

K: Precious. I’m making it sound much more cracky than it actually is. It’s very well-written and paced and everything. It’s around 11,000 words. But it’s adorable and you should go read it immediately.

C: Done.

K: That’s it!

[Funin’ and Sunin’ by Kevin MacLeod plays]

C: Alright, friends, well those are ten fic recs to get you back in the mood or even more in the mood for The Last Jedi. I’m super, super excited for that movie.

K: So hyped! [Laughter]

C: I feel like it should go without saying, but I’mma say it anyway. I’m so pumped to see that movie. So join us. Come back next week, we’ll be talking about Phasma by Delilah S Dawson with a super-special guest. Our first ever guest podcaster, one of our resident Star Wars experts who’s not the two of us. And we’ll actually be coming to you guys live, well, not live. Wouldn’t that be fun?

K: [laughs] Obviously.

C: We’ll have a very special Christmas episode for you guys that goes up on the 25th that’ll be all about our feelings about The Last Jedi. So happy holidays to you and to us for that episode. It’s gonna be super great. And we are taking off January. We are gonna take the month of January off from the podcast to set up some things. To do some overhauls. To plan out the first part of 2018 and to just kind of take a break. [Laughs] Cause we love you guys, but doing a weekly podcast is like a thing.

K: yeah. That is a thing.

C: it is a thing. So we’re gonna take just a little break through the first month of 2018, but then we’ll be back. We’ll remind you guys for the next couple of episodes. Don’t want anyone to miss us or be surprised when we’re gone. Until then, you know where to find us on the internet and on twitter. We’re always happy to talk with you guys. Take care of yourselves and each other, and read good things. Bye, guys!

K: Bye!

[Funin’ and Sunin’ by Kevin MacLeod plays]


C: Oh, sorry, did I just spoil that movie for you if you didn’t see it? Too bad, you should’ve already seen it.

K: Oh, let me just hit my microphone. That’s great.

C: it’s okay. I’m ready now. So you don’t have to keep talking just so I can get ready. We’re good.