Transcript: Not Now, I’m Reading Phasma

CHELSEA: Welcome back to Not Now, I’m Reading, your one-stop shop for all things genre. My name is Chelsea.

KAY: And I’m Kay.

CHELSEA: And we are back for episode 25 talking about Phasma by Delilah S Dawson. And we are so incredibly psyched.

KAY: So excited!

CHELSEA: Because we have, as promised, a very special guest with us. Say hi, Di!


CHELSEA: That is Di. Di is a librarian in training. An absolute Star Wars buff. She is also one of our very great Twitter pals and the very first person we thought of when we knew we wanted to have a guest person come and talk about books with us. So yeah! We’re so excited. Before we actually talk about the book we read, though, we’re gonna go ahead and talk about the things we have just finished up reading. I’ll go first this time since I made Kay go first the last couple of times. I have two books and two fics. The first book is a short story collection by Tiffany Reisz. She is the author of The Siren book and Original Sinners series, which you guys have heard me talk about approximately one billion times before.

KAY: Just roughly, yeah.

CHELSEA: That’s how math works. They were the first erotica books I read and they are still some of my favorites. I bought this book so fast and I don’t usually buy ebooks cause I’m a heavy library user, but this is a short story collection completely about my favorite couple in this entire series, Griffin and Michael, who you meet in the second book and just like. Michael is this tortured bisexual tortured angel baby.

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: And Griffin is this reformed bad boy dominant cinnamon roll and they just fall in love and it’s so good.

KAY: Everything about that series just sounds so ugh to me and I know I love them so much. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: Yeah, this is completely not Kay’s thing, but something for which I am trash so hard. They’re so angsty you guys.

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: I’m pretty sure this is where that seed got planted. Because it’s bad. But this collection is wonderful.


CHELSEA: And these stories are wonderful. They’re a great combination of serious and fluff and just porn.

[Di laughs]

CHELSEA: And relationship development and they’re just really great.

KAY: Why are you such an angst monster?

CHELSEA: I can’t help it! Give it all to me, I love it. It’s so good. The next book I read I only listened to 100% because Raúl Esparza narrated it.

[Di laughs]

KAY: We both did this recently and it’s really sad. [Laughs]

DIANA: To be fair, I definitely did that when I was in a peak Tom Hiddleston phase.


DIANA: Trying to find everything he had narrated.

KAY: Oh, hey!

CHELSEA: That’s very fair. This is the only one that didn’t have a hold. It’s called The Book of Unholy Mischief by Elle Newmark. It is about Luciano in 1498 Venice. And he is a poor street urchin who gets taken in with a chef and the chef is also part of this secret order called the Guardians who are guarding this book that contains the secrets of alchemy and eternal life and magic and shit so it’s historical fiction, but it’s also really good food writing and I really enjoyed it. It’s like a three star book, I didn’t love it. But hearing Raúl Esparza say a bunch of things in Italian, which is really close to hearing him say things in Spanish?


CHELSEA: It was so good. Super great. [Laughs] And then I’m also listening to Under the Dome, but I’m only like ten hours in and that book’s like forty hours long.

KAY: Under the Dome is trash, guys, we’ve both listened to it. It’s not.

CHELSEA: Raúl, what is this magic you have? His voice is just so good. I have two fics to recommend. They’re both by Robin Hood. They’re both Barisi fics. They’re both fluff piles. The first one is called The Most Magical Place on Earth which is exactly what it sounds like. Barba and Carisi go to Disney World, not together, but they’re both there for different reasons, but then they meet and they date and make out under the fireworks and take a drinking tour of Epcot and everything about this fic just made me feel so. It’s like that scene where the Grinch’s heart grows bigger.


CHELSEA: Just like that. It was exactly that thing.

KAY: As a former Disney World intern, I can vouch for the fact that drinking around Epcot and making out under the fireworks is pretty great. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: It’s legit. It may or may not be a thing I’ve actually fantasized about in real life, before. We don’t have to talk about it.


CHELSEA: And then the other one I’ll recommend is called If the Fates Allow and it is a mistletoe slash soulmate au and I’ll just read you guys the summary because it’s so good. ‘There were just two things that Rafael Barba hated, at least as far as the month of December was concerned: soulmates, and mistletoe.’ Except, guess what, guys? He doesn’t hate them nearly as much as he thinks he does.

DIANA: Awww.


CHELSEA: And it’s so good.

KAY: It’s not that good.

CHELSEA: You can’t see Kay’s face, but she’s rolling her eyes so hard.

KAY: I have read this, it’s one of those things where yes, this is a cute concept, but come on, guys. Come on.

CHELSEA: Shut up, don’t take this away from me. It was so good.


CHELSEA: I loved it so much.

KAY: I’m the worst. I’m sorry.

CHELSEA: No it’s all right. You’re the best and I love you anyway. I’m done.

KAY: I think Di should go next.

CHELSEA: I agree.

DIANA: Alright, so I haven’t actually been doing a lot of reading the last few months. Part of it has been grad school and the other part has been I got sucked into playing Mass Effect around the end of August, beginning of September.

KAY: Nice.

DIANA: I went through the original Mass Effect trilogy in about a month. And that’s three games.

KAY: What?!


DIANA: And they’re not short games.

KAY: That’s so impressive.

CHELSEA: That’s intense.

DIANA: It really was! And you can see towards the end just my Twitter feed end of August, beginning of September Mass Effect 3 destroying my soul.

KAY: No, yeah, I definitely noticed that was a thing that was happening. [Laughs] And I was like, I don’t really understand what this is, but I’m glad it’s making Di happy.

CHELSEA: I think I DMed you.

DIANA: Yeah!

CHELSEA: Cause you were talking about your Shepard right about the time I was watching Stargate: Atlantis.

[Kay laughs]

DIANA: Yeah!

CHELSEA: And I remember DMing you and being like every time I see you talking about Shepard I get very confused. Cause it’s very different.

DIANA:  [laughs] Ohmygod, yeah. But I love the games. And Martin Sheen shows up starting in the second game and I refer to him as evil Bartlet.


DIANA: He’s awful.

KAY: That’s so beautiful.

DIANA: I don’t think I’ve hated a video game character as much as I’ve hated his character.

CHELSEA: That’s so good.

DIANA: For a variety of reasons I’m not going into in case y’all wanna play it, but anyway. I’ve been reading a lot of Mass Effect and Dragon Age fic so I’m just gonna recommend a few of my favorites.

CHELSEA: Please do.

DIANA: So the first is called turn a little faster (the world will follow after) by madamebadger. And so one of my main ship with Mass Effect is Garrus and fem!Shep because they’re adorable and amazing. And at one point in the third game, in one of the downloadable, the DLC extras, they go on a date and there’s a tango, which is funny cause Shepard doesn’t dance well, that’s just a running joke throughout the game.

[Kay and Chelsea laugh]

DIANA: And so this fic is all about the Normandy crew teaming up to give Garrus dance lessons so he can do something nice for Shep.

KAY: Aw, that’s so adorable!

DIANA: It’s so nice and fluffy and it’s just, it hits all my kinks of found family and romance and people looking out for each other and it’s really great. And then the second BioWare fic rec I have is for Dragon Age. It’s called first of her kind. It’s a Dragon Age Inquisition AU where one of the characters from the second Dragon Age, Merrill, is the Inquisitor. And this is something I’ve talked to Kay about. Or not Kay, KJ. Where KJ and I have very different attachments to Dragon Age characters, so I love Merrill. Merrill has never done anything wrong in her life, which is actually not true, but she is a cinnamon roll.


KAY: Everyone has that character.

DIANA: She is such a cinnamon roll and she’s voiced by Eve Myles, which eighteen-year-old me would be shocked I like this character so much because I did not like Gwen in Torchwood.


DIANA: Sorry, anyway, so this fic is Merrill/Iron Bull and it’s just them figuring things out and it’s like Iron Bull mostly figuring things out. And it’s just one of my favorite, oh, so the fic is called first of her kind by klickitats. I’m butchering this poor author’s name, I’m so sorry.


CHELSEA: It’s okay, we’ll have all the notes and the show links what are words? We’ll have links.

DIANA: It’s just a very cool more character focused fic and I really like it. And then the last one I have is not BioWare, it’s one of my friends prompted another friend to write a, it is Star Wars related, though! To write a Sinjir Rath Velus/Thrawn fic.

KAY: You mentioned this to me in DMs the other day and I had to hold back screaming cause WHAT.

DIANA: My friend, Nancy on Twitter, wrote To Defeat an Enemy. And the summary is ‘After the defection of Agent Kallus, Loyalty Officer Sinjir Rath Velus is assigned to the Chimaera to investigate Grand Admiral Thrawn.’ And the tags are crack relationship, Sinjir hates himself, Hot Thrawn.

[Kay shrieks and laughs]

DIANA: And it’s just so good!


KAY: That’s so glorious.

DIANA: Sinjir hates himself and I love Sinjir so much. Anyway, so those are my recs.

KAY: I do, too. Sinjir is so great. So great.

DIANA: He is.

CHELSEA: Those are such good recs, Di.

KAY: Sorry, I just needed a minute to bask in the idea of that fic and then I’m gonna have to go read it as soon as we’re done recording. I have read no books except Under the Dome since the last time we recorded, cause Under the Dome is over a thousand pages long.

DIANA: Oh my god.

CHELSEA: It’s so long.

KAY: And I listened to that whole thing since the last time we recorded an episode guys.

CHELSEA: Jesus Christ. That’s so long.

KAY: That’s like reading four books. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: I remember being like oh I’m a third, like you know a third of the way done! And I’ve been listening to it for twelve hours!

DIANA: Oh, god, that’s so long!

CHELSEA: Oh my god. What is happening?

KAY: It’s so long.

CHELSEA: So long.

KAY: It’s not terrible, but it’s not great, guys. It’s not my preferred Stephen King. But also Raúl Esparza. How do you even explain under the Dome? [Laughs]

CHELSEA: Literally it’s a town that gets caught under. I dunno. A town gets caught under a dome! It’s seriously so weird you guys.


KAY: It’s so weird.

CHELSEA: There’s no way to explain it that doesn’t go into like eighteen million different characters lives.

KAY: And all the spoilers.

CHELSEA: All of them.


KAY: Anyway, don’t read Under the Dome unless you wanna listen to the audiobook because Raúl Esparza is reading it. And that’s all I have to say about that. I have been reading about a million fanfics, cause y’all have met me. That’s a thing that just happens. The first one is called through and through with fire by notbecauseofvictories. It is a Thor: Ragnarok fic which I don’t know if I wanna even tell you the premise of this, because spoilers?


KAY: Inherent in the premise, because it’s a someone in the movie doesn’t die au.

DIANA: Nice.

KAY: So it’s very angsty, for you, Chelsea. And it’s very family feels for me. And it’s very beautifully written. And there’s a lot of stuff about magic and dysfunctional families and I just really enjoyed it a lot. I also am currently reading, currently re-reading cause I’ve read it before, Give the Dragon a Chilli by supercalvin.


KAY: Which is a Merlin fanfic.

DIANA: Oh, Merlin.

CHELSEA: [gasps]

KAY: It’s a modern au where Merlin is a magical doctor and Arthur owns a physical therapy business that also deals with magical trauma patients. And they’re neighbors and they meet because [laughs] Merlin’s dragon, Aithusa, has been stealing the neighbor’s clothes.

DIANA: Oh, god.

KAY: She’s been sneaking in through the bathroom window to add his boxers to her fluffy horde where she sleeps. And Merlin realizes these are not my boxers and leaves a note on their apartment building’s board being like I’m so sorry. My dragon stole these. If they’re yours let me know so I can give them back. Which is the greatest meet-cute ever. [Laughter] And then they start dating and it’s fluffy and wonderful.

CHELSEA: I’m so excited to start watching this show.

DIANA: Don’t! Don’t do it! Don’t do it!


KAY: Terrible things happen to literally everyone, but especially the main female character in a way that is really shitty. But also kind of canonically accurate.

CHELSEA: Well, yeah, but just don’t make me watch those ones. Give me the list of good ones.


CHELSEA: Yeah, Di, I should probably tell you. I’m not gonna watch the whole thing.

KAY: No, I’m not gonna make her watch the whole thing. I’m gonna make her watch the really shippy or hilarious episodes.

CHELSEA: She took me on a pretty good tour of Stargate: Atlantis to start with so I’m pretty confident and excited.

DIANA: So I watched Merlin vicariously through one of my best friends for years, so I know everything that happens and had always meant to watch it and then the end of season two beginning of season three happened.

KAY: Oh. [Laughs]

DIANA: And what happened with the main female character and I was like nope. We’re done.

[Chelsea laughs]

KAY: Done. It has possibly the best series finale of any show I’ve ever watched, though. It’s got a two-part series finale that is just amazing and will crush your soul. And I’m like but this was supposed to be children’s programming on Sunday on BBC and I’m like what? C’mon! Awful. And then I have one more, it’s called I ❤ NYC by 1electricpirate.

CHELSEA: This one’s so good.

KAY: It’s so fantastic!

[Di laughs]

KAY: It’s a Marvel fic that’s vaguely in the MCU but it’s definitely kind of comics-verse Matt Fraction Clint Barton. And there’s stuff with AIM and things that I don’t think have ever shown up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, yet, unless they did in Doctor Strange, cause that’s the only Marvel movie I haven’t seen and do not ever plan on watching.


KAY: Cause ew. But the summary of this fic is just perfection. ‘Clint Barton just wants to recover from four months of undercover work by spending a week in bed with his dog, eating pizza and catching up on Dog Cops. Unfortunately, the universe (and Steve Rogers) have other plans in mind. This is the story of how Clint Barton drinks some bourbon, saves the MTA, becomes a meme and somehow winds up making out with Bucky Barnes.’


CHELSEA: It’s so good.

KAY: And it’s so fantastic. It’s just, I don’t know if either of you have ever read anything by 1electricpirate, before?

Di and Chelsea: I don’t think so.

KAY: They wrote, I know neither of you is at least actively in Sherlock fandom, but I think a lot of us have passed through that fandom. They wrote this really amazing Sherlock/Harry Potter fusion where John is a wizard, Mycroft knows everything, and Sherlock is, for once, oblivious. And it’s just gorgeous. Their prose is always really lovely. I think that was all I had to say, anyway.

CHELSEA: With those really great recs over and done we’ll go ahead and talk about the book of the week and that is Phasma by Delilah S Dawson. This is basically a frame tale story explaining the kind of history and origin story of Phasma, a character whose name I do not remember because I listened to this on audio two months ago, is captured and tortured by another character whose name I also do not remember. [Laughs]

DIANA: Cardinal.


DIANA: The people in the framing story. Vi.

KAY: That sounds right.

CHELSEA: Under threat of torture, or under actual torture, a soldier is telling the story of how he knows, how they found her, how she got to know Hux, where she came from, how she rose through the ranks, all of those things. We had some mixed feelings about this book. I thought it was alright. What did you guys think?

DIANA: I enjoyed it. Parts of it in the middle dragged a bit, but I really liked it. I loved how brutal Phasma, and I really like brutal female characters so I really liked the book showing just how ruthless Phasma was. And I really loved Vi. She was great. I love that she knit.


CHELSEA: Yeah, that was really awesome.

KAY: Here’s my thing with this book: is if it wasn’t called Phasma and it was called something else, honestly, if it just wasn’t supposed to be about Phasma I would’ve liked it a lot more. But since I went in thinking this was gonna be about Phasma and that I was gonna get her point of view or something and literally we’re getting third-hand retellings of shit that happened to her and then we get one point of view scene from her at the very end?

CHELSEA: Yeah, that was my thing. I had a misconception it was going to be, like, it is about Phasma, but it’s not Phasma. I wanted to hear from her. I wanted to hear her tell her story.

KAY: Yeah.

DIANA: Yeah, and I think for me, because I was so delayed reading it: thanks grad school.


DIANA: I knew about the premise when I started reading, so I think that might’ve helped. I wasn’t expecting to get all of Phasma’s point of view.


KAY: This was just an unfortunate expectations versus reality thing for me. Cause I was like awesome! Gonna get all of Phasma’s backstory, and we actually really still don’t know hardly anything about Phasma. And how she worked her way up the ranks once she was in the First Order, or anything.

CHELSEA: And I didn’t love the frame tale. I don’t love frame tales in general, they’re not really my favorite. They can make the pacing clunky. I thought this was okay, but I didn’t love it. I just would’ve much preferred a straight story of Phasma.

KAY: Did you read or listen to this, Di?

DIANA: I read it.

KAY: See, I listened to it, and the way that the frame tale shook out was really awkward. I don’t know if it’s as weird when you’re actually reading it. But the frame tale will peter out for a while and there’s none of the frame tale stuff for so long it’s a huge chunk of flashback and then a tiny bit of the frame tale then a huge chunk of flashback and that just didn’t work as well in audio, I don’t think.

DIANA: I think it worked better in text for me.

KAY: I think I’m gonna borrow this from the library at some point and read it. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: And like you said, now that I can alter my expectations I think a second read-through would be better. I liked Phasma’s story and the details and the worldbuilding and the discussions of kind of tribal allegiance versus survival versus wanting to make a name for yourself and move beyond. So I thought it tackled a lot of cool things, I was just too distracted by the jumps between and wanting to hear from Phasma. I was like I want her. I want her to tell the Phasma.

KAY: Yeah. But I definitely thought all her worldbuilding stuff was very cool and that all worked well. I just should not have expected it to be about Phasma even though that’s what it’s called.

DIANA: It’s interesting for me, because for middle grade readers they just released a book called Legends of Luke Skywalker and it’s kind of a similar thing where they have a framing story. People telling stories about Luke Skywalker and so it’s just interesting that there are two separate framing retelling type books out there as lead-ins to The Last Jedi.

CHELSEA: And see, I think I’d be way more interested in that because I feel like we already know enough about Luke and Luke’s backstory that hearing other sides from him from other people would be super enjoyable. And it’s not to say this book wasn’t enjoyable, I just felt like I was having a hard time discerning how much of what we were hearing about Phasma was actually true versus being filtered through this other person.

KAY: I hate an unreliable narrator.

DIANA: I love unreliable narrators!

KAY: I hate an unreliable narrator. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: I knew Kay hated that, I knew Kay was gonna hate this book cause she hates unreliable narrators.

KAY: I just came to this with all of my personal reading baggage, which is the actual problem. There’s not anything really wrong with this book. This was, I think, the first full length thing I’ve read by Delilah S Dawson, but she’s written two shorts in Star Wars before that I think I’ve read.

DIANA: Yeah, she wrote…

KAY: The Perfect Weapon and I don’t know what the other one was.

CHELSEA: I’ve read that one.

DIANA: I think it was, um, a lead-in to Bloodline.

KAY: Scorched. I think it was Scorched, right? I’m Googling this.

CHELSEA: I read Bloodline, but I don’t know if I caught that one.

DIANA: It was one of the Star Wars shorts that was included in the paperback version of Bloodline.

CHELSEA: Okay. That would be why. Because I got mine on audio from the library. [Laughs] That’ll do it.

KAY: It’s called Scorched and it’s about Greer.

CHELSEA: Well I’m excited to see what else Delilah puts out in the canon. I’m excited to see what else she’s doing here, because I really liked what was there, I just wish. Just wished we hadn’t gotten it filtered through that third party cause Phasma’s so awesome. I’m with you, Di, I like a brutal, ruthless.

DIANA: There’s a comic series that the trade just came out and I’m waiting for my library to get it because I can’t afford trades right now.

CHELSEA: Yup. [Laughs] Story of my life.

DIANA: I know people who’ve read it and liked it and the person who did the art also did the art for Shattered Empire which I really enjoyed. And it’s basically how Phasma got off Starkiller Base and I really wanna know how she did that.

KAY: I would say magic, but the evil guys don’t use the force, soooo.


KAY: If they make any of these people secret force users I’m just gonna be so blah.

CHELSEA: Guys, I’m so excited but so nervous about The Last Jedi coming out.

KAY: I’m so excited for The Last Jedi.

DIANA: All I want is for Finn and Rey to hug and for there to be confirmation that Finn is force sensitive because we know that he is.


CHELSEA: I just want a reason for Oscar Isaac to do that lip bit again.


CHELSEA: And I don’t really care why. I just wanna see it onscreen a million times.


CHELSEA: I just want another gif of him doing it cause it’s so good. Any favorite parts or final thoughts?

DIANA: Brendol Hux is the worst!

CHELSEA: He’s the worst!

[Kay laughs]

KAY: That entire family is the worst.

CHELSEA: He’s the best/worst. I haven’t felt that good hating a villain in literature since fucking Dolores Umbridge was strutting around the page being terrible.

DIANA: If you want more examples of how Brendol Hux is the worst and it’s a good thing he’s dead?

Kay and Chelsea: Yes.

DIANA: So Jason Fry wrote this series of middle grade books called Servants of the Empire and it’s about this random side character who only shows up in season one of Rebels, Sara Leonis, and Zer encounters the Imperial Rebels crew when they’re at the Imperial Academy on Lethal. Zer is trying to find information about his sister, who’s a cadet, and who we find out is force sensitive, who disappeared. And we they’re trying to find out what happened to her and rescue her. So the book series is about Zer and his awakening that hey, the Empire is really shitty and they’re trying to destroy Lethal through massive industrialization and strip-mining. And in the final book, it’s called The Secret Academy, and he goes to where his sister is and Brendol Hux is there. And I think it’s the first canon appearance of Brendol Hux and he is awful. And you can see the seeds of the storm trooper training that is talked about here with the whole indoctrination and he’s awful. I’m so glad he’s dead.

CHELSEA: He’s the worst.

KAY: He’s so awful.

CHELSEA: He’s so awful, but I do love a good villain.

KAY: He’s a great villain. Do either of you read much Star Wars fic just in general?

CHELSEA: No, not unless you send it to me.

DIANA: I read, I’ll browse it every now and then, but I tend to like not engage in it too often.

KAY: So, my favorite thing is that after this book came out, the most predictable shit happens.

CHELSEA: Of course.

KAY: Which is that everyone focused on the two-white-dudes-ship content that they got out of this. There’s like a scene with Armitage Hux? There’s like two scenes or something with him in this.

DIANA: Yeah.

Kay and Chelsea: Not very many at all.

KAY: But there’s one scene where he’s in his quarters sitting on a couch in his robe. And like. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: Fandom took and did the worst things with like they always do with the worst things?

KAY: Yes. Yes, so out of all of the stuff you could’ve taken away from this book, that is what Star Wars fandom was like hey! And drew tons of fanart of him on the couch in this robe and drew lots of Kylo Ren/Hux porn that had to do with the couch and the robe.

CHELSEA: My stomach just viscerally turned.

KAY: Fandom, why are you like this? [Laughs]

CHELSEA: Because that’s so gross.

KAY: Why are you like this? I’m not saying I haven’t read some good Kylo Ren/Hux fic.

CHELSEA: Of course you have.

KAY: But I definitely don’t go looking for it.

CHELSEA: I am not one to judge anybody’s personal fanfic choices, but as good as fandom is. Why do you have to make some of the choices that you do?

KAY: Why must you do this? Fandom gotta fandom.

DIANA: Obviously.

CHELSEA: I am excited to see, the fic will be good, I’m excited to see what comes out of The Last Jedi. I’m not more excited for that than the movie, because that’s crazy talk, but it’s a close second to see what’s gonna come outta that.

KAY: It is a really close second for me, personally. [Laughs]

DIANA: I just want my kids to be okay.

CHELSEA: I know! I know, I know, I want them to be okay.

KAY: I just want them to all have really gentle space adventures and that’s not what happens in Star Wars so like, I don’t know why I keep trying to trick myself into thinking it’ll be fine.

DIANA: I always forget how attached I am to the new kids and then the ramp up happens and I’m like oh I’m so glad that you’re here again. I missed you so much!

CHELSEA: Oh my god, I just saw that gifset of Oscar Isaac talking to Laura Dern and he’s like you know, Poe really looks up to her. Literally. Cause he’s short and she’s tall.

DIANA: I know!

CHELSEA: And I’m like Oscar Isaac stop it! Stop being yourself!

KAY: This whole cast is such a gift.

CHELSEA: So blessed.

KAY: We are so lucky.

DIANA: One of my favorite things on the press tour so far is just, they were doing a draw a question out of a hat and it was this set of people was Rian Johnson, Mark Hamill, Gwendoline Christie, I wanna say, John Boyega, and maybe I forget who the other person was. Maybe it was Laura Dern. And the question was asking Mark to talk about The Last Jedi and he’s giving like. Well, I’m supposed to say things, but I can’t really say anything to promote this movie, but everyone already knows. I think the penguins in Antarctica already know about it. And John Boyega was like so are you telling me in a few decades I get to talk like this? And Mark Hamill’s like yes you do, son.

[Everyone makes shrill pleased noises]

KAY: Whenever Mark Hamill calls him son it makes me so happy. And he does it a lot, actually.

CHELSEA: All the time. It’s so good. Guys, the one where John Boyega answers that Finn has a lot of love to give and he turns and looks at Oscar Isaac sitting on the couch.

KAY: What a troll.

CHELSEA: What a fan troll. But also, I love him so much and it’s so good and I don’t care.

KAY: I love everyone in the cast, but Mark Hamill on press tour is always a joy. He has the greatest little quippy one liners.

CHELSEA: Can you imagine to be that, to be Luke Skywalker and to have done this your whole life?

KAY: He’s such a great human. Such a delightful person.

DIANA: There’s one, I think from that same interview, they were talking about pets. And Mark, Millie. So it’s either his dog or his daughter’s dog. Millie has 19,000 followers on Instagram. John, my cat doesn’t need Instagram followers cause he’s got self-esteem.


DIANA: I love them so much.

CHELSEA: Mark Hamill, you delightful person. That was fun friends. I was looking at the time. We talked about this book for approximately eight minutes and then talked about how excited we were for this movie for like twelve, so. Cool. Good times. That’s fine.

KAY: Everyone knows that’s the important part.


DIANA: The book is subtitled Journey to the Last Jedi.

KAY: That’s true!

CHELSEA: So that’s what we did. We took an emotional journey to The Last Jedi and now this is basically the perfect transition to say that our next episode will be our thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Everyone: Yay!

KAY: We’re all so hyped.

CHELSEA: yeah, can you tell from the conversation?


CHELSEA: So ready. But we will be here. Join us for that. If you get the chance to see it, please go see it. I don’t know why you’re not seeing it. What’s happening? Go see it. You should be seeing it. But we will be here on the 25th, on Christmas, as a holiday present for us and you guys talking about The Last Jedi. And then after that we are going to be taking a break. We announced it in our last episode and we wanna remind you guys we’ll be taking a break in January. There’ll be no episodes coming out in the entire month. We’re gonna regroup and recollect and get some new projects kinda going and put some things in the works and figure out what we’re gonna be reading. Keep an eye on Twitter. We’ll be announcing towards the end of January what we have coming up so you can start reading along with us if you’d like. Otherwise, thank you so much, Di, for coming and talking to us!

DIANA: thank you for having me!

KAY: thank you so much! Yay!

CHELSEA: Where can people find you if you want to be found?

DIANA: I pretty much can be found on Twitter. My handle is @bookishdi and my never-updated AO3 account is kerrykhat. I’m hopefully gonna be working on fic when I’m off school cause I have a couple of Mass Effect ideas I wanna play with. And maybe I’ll write some Star Wars fic. But yeah!

CHELSEA: Do it! We are not the friends to disincentive-izes you from writing stuff.

DIANA: See, I’ve been bouncing ideas off of Susan for the last few months and it’s gotten to the point with a Winter Soldier au where I’ll show her an idea and she’ll be like that is evil. I love it.


CHELSEA: There are so many times when I’m like, Kay, don’t let me write this really trash fic. And she’s like but why? That would be wonderful! And that’s like the exact opposite of what you’re supposed to be doing.

KAY: Also me sliding into our group DMs at like 2am guys! Stop letting me write new things. Like it’s your fault that I can’t finish things I’ve already started before I start new stuff. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: Do I even need to talk about somebody sliding into my personal DMs and sending me offensively attractive suit pics when you should still be sleeping? Or working on something else?

KAY: [sings] You’re welcome!

CHELSEA: I’m pretending to be mad when I couldn’t be more grateful.


CHELSEA: Alright friends, well, that was a fun outro. Thank you guys so much for coming and hanging out with us. Thank you Di for joining us. Come back and join us in a week for Star Wars. Come find us on twitter, find us on the website. We’ll have every link in the show notes. Until then, take care of yourselves, take care of each other, and good luck reading good things! Bye, guys.


KAY: Bye.


DIANA: Hold on a sec. Cats! Stop! Sorry, they’re getting in a fight. They’re being testy.

CHELSEA: I know, but he. Okay. So. Raul is doing this weird thing where he’s got half main northern accents and half these weird southern accent things and I’m like what is the geographical location of this town?

KAY: I’m gonna vouch for that is inaccurate and you just maybe don’t know Maine accents as well as you think you do.

CHELSEA: That’s entirely possible and it’s also possible that he’s pulling some not Maine accents in his attempt to differentiate between all of these characters.