Transcript: Not Now, I’m Watching Hannibal

CHELSEA: Welcome back to episode 13 of Not Now, I’m Reading your one-stop shop for all things genre. My name is Chelsea.

KAY: And I’m Kay.

CHELSEA: And today we are doing another Not Now, I’m Watching. This time we are watching Hannibal. This is our Hannibal episode guys, we are super stoked. We are leaning into it really hard and we’re just gonna go with it. This is a new fandom for me and one that Kay introduced to me so we’re gonna talk about the show and fandom and rec you guys some really great fic. But first, as always, we’re gonna talk about some stuff that we are currently reading. Do you wanna go first? Tell us what you’re reading.

KAY: All of the things, Chelsea. I’m reading all of the things. So to start with original fiction, I’ve been going through a bunch of ARCs and not a lot of stuff is sticking right now. But I did just reread on audio Lock In by John Scalzi. I feel like I talk about John Scalzi way too much on this podcast, but.

CHELSEA: Do you do the male narrator or the female narrator?

KAY: So the male narrator on this is Wil Wheaton and I’ve listened to a lot of books narrated by Wil Wheaton, but I actually listened to this one with the Amber Benson narration. For you Buffy fans out there, she’s Tara. So you will probably recognize her voice. She’s also a writer in her own right, I believe. She writes urban fantasy. I haven’t read any of her stuff, but I’ve heard good things about her main series.

CHELSEA: I didn’t know that. That’s interesting.

KAY: She’s actually toured at the same time with Seanan, if I’m remembering correctly. I really have been meaning to check out these books.

CHELSEA: Well, that’s a good endorsement.

KAY: We’re gonna have to see if we wanna read those. But Lock In’s kind of a near-future science fictional thriller with a black disabled agender protagonist. So that’s cool. And the reason that there’s two different narrations is because Scalzi never actually gives us a gender for the protag. So you just get to pick one. And actually if you pre-ordered when it was first coming out you got both, which is interesting as kind of an experiment. And we’ll link to the post on his Whatever blog where he talks about that and how a lot of people didn’t even notice that he never indicated the gender of the narrator. And everyone made their own assumptions. Which is a thing that happened. My dad and I both read this the same week and I assumed that they were a female narrator and my dad assumed they were a male narrator. So.

CHELSEA: There’s something to that, methinks in there somewhere.

KAY: Anyway, so Lock In. Very good. And there is a contracted sequel in that massive Tor contract he signed that should be coming out either next year or 2019. I’m not positive. And I’ve been doing a lot of fic reading because I’ve been bouncing off of basically all the original stuff I’ve been trying to read. I’ve been doing a lot of rereading, but these two are actually new. The first one is Occupational Hazard by aloneintherain. It is a post-Spider-Man: Homecoming fic, so spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet. So I won’t really get into it, but it’s kind of about Peter and anxiety and a little bit of PTSD and having great friends that help you and it’s really sweet. And I really love Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and I really wanted to be a bitter old about them making a sixth Spider-Man movie in however many years, but it was actually quite cute.

CHELSEA: To be fair, I am still a little bit of a bitter old about that.

KAY: Oh, yeah, same.

CHELSEA: But I did really like Tom Holland. I feel like both can happen. Cause I finally saw it, I did like the new Spider-Man. I thought it had that same Wonder Woman earnest, fun —

KAY: I love earnest superheroes. I want more of that. I also love that it was a teen movie that just happened to have a superhero protagonist, because I kind of miss the teen movie genre as a thing that’s happening. Cause school stories are fun. And that part of it was the strongest part of it, don’t you think? Of that movie?

CHELSEA: Oh, absolutely.

KAY: So I really enjoyed that. And the other one is Under Yellow Moons by skoosiepants. Who is one of my longtime favorite fic writers and who also writes original fiction under, I believe, the name is SJ Goslee. Their YA novel whatever. is really funny. But this is a Teen Wolf fic. It is alternate universe with full-shift werewolves and Deputy Stiles and foster dad Derek where he takes in all of the local were kids in the foster system. But then they never leave. So he’s not really fostering them. They’re his kids. It’s adorable and I kind of can’t believe I didn’t immediately send a flailing recommendation of this to Chelsea, but it’s because I knew I was gonna talk about it today. It’s about 17,000 words, so it’s a little on the long side, but not for me. That’s a pretty short thing for me.



KAY: Skoosiepants’ fics are always really funny, but also a gut punch of feels and this delivered on that. So. That’s what I’ve been reading lately.

CHELSEA: So I finally put a little bit of the reins on the romance ting. We were getting to that point where they’re all starting to blur together a little bit. It happens. It happened when I first got into science fiction and fantasy. When I love something, I love it really hard.

KAY: Except then the RITA Awards happened yesterday, so there’s a few things we probably need to read.

CHELSEA: Now that the awards list is out, we’ll link to it if you didn’t see it.

KAY: We specifically will link to Beverly Jenkins’ speech because it’s amazing.

CHELSEA: It’s amazing. Put it on my tombstone. On my bucket list. She’s.


CHELSEA: It’s just amazing. But anyway. So I finally had to pull out of that a little bit, so I went to a standard I like on audio and I checked out The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women by Kate Moore.

KAY: Oh, god. We used to do all sorts of shit with Radium. It was not good. I’ve not read this. Was it good?

CHELSEA: Yes, it was amazing. So this book took two very distinct halves for me. The first half is this thing that always happens to me with history of science which is: I can’t believe we were like know what we should put in water? Radium. Know what would make great glowing face makeup? Radium. You wanna know what’s probably fine? Radium! Answer: none of those things are fine.

KAY: None of these things are fine. [laughs]

CHELSEA: And that’s part of the history of science is realizing as thigs happen oh some of this shit’s actually really dangerous and it’s crazy we used to do x, y, and z, but then it transitions really quickly into this subsuming anger and rage at the kind of institutionalized misogyny that runs through the machine of capitalism.

KAY: Slash everything. Slash everything.

CHELSEA: Slash 2017. So for those of you who don’t know, this book is specifically about girls who worked in the Radium Dial factory painting clocks. Painting glow in the dark radium numbers on clock dials, plane dials, things of that nature. They were told it was totally fine to dip a paintbrush in radium powder, lick it, and then paint the radium numbers. They were told it was totally healthy, it was fine. Then they all started getting jaw cancer and brain cancer and sarcomas and carcinomas and various really awful medical things happening and when they went to the companies again to say are you sure this okay? The company, knowing that it wasn’t, they’d commissioned science to prove it was actually super dangerous, were like no! You guys are totally fine. It’s all coincidence. Silly women. Go be women in other places. So it becomes about the legal history of labor law and illness standard and determining when businesses are held accountable through diseases they cause through malpractice and negligence. But it made me really mad in that justified way of this is total and utter bullshit but things work out in the long run. Unfortunately a lot of women pass away before they ultimately get to see the benefits of some of these lawsuits, but the lawsuits themselves left behind several legacies and the book gets into that. So if you like nonfiction. If you like science and women in science —

KAY: Maybe not a great thing to read right now if you’re already a seething ball of rage.

CHELSEA: I mean yes. Yeah. It’s yeah. It will make you mad. So if you’re already mad, maybe hold off till a different time. And then in terms of fic reading, I have been going back to my, so I love Hannibal, but Hannibal is a very dark place to hangout sometimes. Which is something we’ll get into. So I went back to my notorious happy spot and my place of lightness and the first fic I’m gonna recommend is called Thou and You by pentapustwentysomething.

KAY: I’m lifting literal praise hands right now.

CHELSEA: I know. She’s so excited. Kay recommended this to me a long, long time ago. And then recently re-recommended it to me because it’s delightful. This is a hockey RPF Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin fic that’s an au that’s basically Regency historical with magic?

KAY: It’s basically a Sorcery & Cecilia au, if you’ve read the Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer books.

CHELSEA: Which I have not, but it didn’t seem to matter. It stands on its own well.

KAY: You did not mention that Geno is a prince in this. [laughs]

CHELSEA: I didn’t. They first meet at a ball and then they do that thing that’s really cute where Geno is like I wanna hang out with you, but if you have stuff to do we don’t hang out. And he’s like no, I wanna hang out with you, but if YOU have stuff to do we don’t have to hang out. And just they both hang out cause they love each other so much.

KAY: But it’s very Regency. The language is slightly more. [laughs]

CHELSEA: Well, obviously, but that is my 21st century interpretation of this really adorable flirting that happens.

KAY: It’s so cute. If you’re wondering why those fic writers sounded familiar, it’s because twentysomething wrote the very first hockey fic I ever recommended to Chelsea.

CHELSEA: And then the other half of that writing duo, thehoyden, wrote the other fic I’m gonna recommend today which is King and Lionheart, which is another hockey rpf Sid/Geno fic. We’re working notes on a theme, today. This is not an au, but it is a marriage of convenience, which, Kay can attest to, is not always my bag.

KAY: I try and recommend these to her all the time, because they’re my weakness, but she’s like I don’t think so, Kay. [laughs]

CHELSEA: No, I just. I just have a different bar, because, like, they’re usually really silly reasons why they have to be married, but. The reason it works so well in this particular ship in hockey rpf is because Evgeni Malkin being Russian and wanting to come play for an American team wanting to come and establish a green card fake marriage, which is exactly what happens in this fic, is on my list of acceptable reasons why you would participate in a fake marriage.

KAY: In real life, Evgeni Malkin, to come play here literally had to escape through his team through an airport bathroom in Finland. Like that was a thing that happened in real life when he came. So this is really not outside the realm of possibility that someone would be willing to go into a marriage of convenience situation to come play here from Russia.

CHELSEA: And so that is exactly what happens. Sid and Geno get married and then they just basically also slowly fall in love with each other and it’s super great. And they have Christmas. One of my favorite scenes happens at this New Year’s party after they’re already married and Geno re-proposes to Sidney and oh my god.


CHELSEA: I just cannot even take it. It was so good. I am having a hard time talking about it cause my face wont’ stop smiling so I can’t make words.

KAY: This is my first time hearing her reaction to this fic, by the way.

CHELSEA: I specifically didn’t tell you I was reading it.

KAY: Specifically recommended it to her a million years ago and she didn’t get around to it cause I gave her so many recommendations at once.

CHELSEA: So many.

KAY: And then I reread it last week and said she should maybe read this immediately. So.

CHELSEA: And then I did and had to restrain myself not to text Kay cause I knew I was gonna talk about it on the podcast.

KAY: It’s so sweet.

CHELSEA: It’s so good.

KAY: I’m so glad you liked it!

CHELSEA: It’s 56,000 words so it is up there on the length scale. But. It doesn’t even matter. It’s so good. It’s so goddamn good. I just loved it so much. So those are my recommendations, so we will not go ahead and transition to talking about our subject of the week, which is Hannibal!

[Funin’ and Sunin’ by Kevin MacLeod plays]

CHELSEA: Hannibal. Hannibal, Kay and I are so excited.

KAY: Okay, so we have to preface this with I am a longtime Hannibal fan. Of both the original source material and Silence of the Lambs is one of my favorite movies. The book series by Thomas Harris has had many incarnations over the years. I don’t think the books are that great. I don’t love his writing. But I think this world is interesting and the character of Hannibal is super fascinating. And I am not usually a person who you would expect to like a show about a cannibalistic serial killer. Number one, I’m bad at TV. I am very–

CHELSEA: Yes. [laughs]

KAY: I am very bad at TV. I have watched three new shows in the last three or four years. I don’t pick up new things. But it’s very dark and sad, which is generally not a thing that I would be watching on TV ever.

CHELSEA: So. Friends. We are on episode 13. So if you’ve been listening for any length of time you’ve probably pretty well established that on the spectrum of fandom participation, I tend to hang out towards the dark and stormy end, and Kay tends to hang out more towards the bright and fluffy end.

KAY: I like escapism in my media consumption, mostly. I don’t really want to think about how dark and terrible the world is when I am partaking of my media.

CHELSEA: I just want my heart to hurt. I love that aching heart feeling and you get that so good when your fic comes angsty. But anyways. So Kay is a longtime fan. I grew up in a fan that, my mom loves horror movies. Loves horror movies. So we watched Silence of the Lambs, probably maybe kind of a weird amount, looking back on it?

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: For a family movie night choice. But I don’t care, cause I love horror movies.

KAY: So I’m literally the only person in my family who watches horror movies. In the extended family. I don’t even know how I picked them up. I don’t remember a friend introducing them to me at some point. I love horror movies. I think they’re hilarious 90% of the time. And I find the rhythms of horror films very soothing, because they have very predictable plot structures. Which I like when I am trying to relax. [laughs] So I find horror movies and the horror genre kind of relaxing. Which horrifies 95% of people I know. They’re like: Kay, no. Kay, no!

CHELSEA: I don’t find that horrifying at all, because like you said most of them are not actually scary and are actually more ludicrous in their execution.

KAY: Now, Silence of the Lambs is actually fairly frightening, but I love that movie.

CHELSEA: And this is where Mark and I differ. We both love horror movies, but we can’t watch each other’s horror movies. He’s really scared by the supernatural, ghosts, cause he’s a big dude and the odds of somebody fucking with him on this plane of existence are not super great. But, so like, eh doesn’t like The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Or The Exorcist. Or ghostly spiritual movies I don’t give a shit about that, because blasphemy though it may be, I’m way more worried about stuff like Silence of the Lambs or The Strangers or just humans who want to fuck up other people because humans are awful. Way more scary to me. So I think Silence of the Lambs as a movie and Hannibal as a character is deeply terrifying. Which is why I found it so immensely disturbing to be so attracted to him through the entirety of watching this TV show.

Kay: [laughs] Mads Mikkelsen.

CHELSEA: Cultured serial killer I just, I dunno man, but it made me feel a little weird.

KAY: This entire cast is so phenomenal. And the creative team on Hannibal is so insanely talented. Bryan Fuller is showrunner and head writer. The whole writing staff is really great. The design of the show? The set design the food design, we will link you to the food designer’s blog. She is an actual genius. Cause you’ll be looking at all this cannibal food and be starving.


CHELSEA: It’s so good.

KAY: It’s so disturbing how hungry the cannibal food will make you. But it’s a thing that’s gonna happen, I just want to prepare you, if you haven’t watched it before and you do end up watching the show. But literally everyone involved in the show is just so talented and there’s such a weird and wonderful singular experience that I cannot believe happened on network television. There’s something in every episode where I’m like this is on NBC! How is this airing on NBC?

CHELSEA: Yes! Cause I didn’t watch it when it aired, cause Amazon Prime has it. That’s the only place I found it streaming was as part of my Prime account. I watched it and had to constantly remind myself, first of all, it’s people. Every time they’re having a dinner scene. Mark, that’s people!

KAY: Everything is people. The beer is people. That’s word of god, by the way.

CHELSEA: It’s all people. And the other thing is I had to remind myself that this isn’t prestige television. This wasn’t on HBO, Showtime, this premiered on network television. And there are some things that happen both in terms of the depictions of the violence and the gore and also of, like, the deeply underlying sexuality and eroticism that happened in this show several times where I was like uhhh.

KAY: I do feel like we need to mention that this is a deeply disturbing and inherently violent subject matter, there are no lingering gory for gory’s sake scenes. There is a lot of violence and stuff that might make you queasy if you are delicate on the gore spectrum.

CHELSEA: I think that’s the thing. It’s almost more gory than it is violent. And it’s never gratuitous.

KAY: Never.

CHELSEA: And this is a weird thing to say, but it’s beautiful. And it’s crafted intentionally to blur those lines between beauty and horror and disgusts and things like that.

KAY: It’s horrifically gorgeous. Which is intentional. It is by design. You are supposed to think that all of this violent, horrifying things he does are beautiful. That’s the point.

CHELSEA: That’s the point.

KAY: This is his design. [laughs]

CHELSEA: So to very, very briefly recap. Just in case you are listening to this without ever having seen it. Hannibal, essentially, is the story of Will Graham.

KAY: He’s a lecturer at the FBI Academy and is accidentally shanghaied by the Behavior Analysis people.

CHELSEA: Jack Crawford and the BAU people.

KAY: Damn you, Jack Crawford, why couldn’t you leave him alone! [weepy laugh] This show is fanfic, by the way. Cause it’s very, very loosely based on the Red Dragon book. But in the Red Dragon book, Hannibal and Will meet for like a scene or something before Will figures it out. [laughs]

CHELSEA: I read Red Dragon specifically because in the credit it says based on The Red Dragon by Thomas Harris. And as much as I’d seen the movie, I’ve never read the books. So I read it, and the last six episodes of the third season is all about the Red Dragon.

KAY: The Richard Armitage stretch there right at the end. Whoo.

CHELSEA: So good. And so, but the whole other two and a half seasons you’re watching of Hannibal are about maybe fifteen sentences accumulated through the rest of Red Dragon is about alluding to the time Will Graham caught Hannibal and gutted him.

KAY: Bryan Fuller won fanfic forever. He got these people to pay him to make his slash fic into a TV show basically. Good job, man.

CHELSEA: Talk about getting paid to produce your beautiful visual fanfiction. So part of this show, and a lot of what the fandom has picked up on, is this attraction. Both eroticized attraction and magnetic interest in each other between Will Graham and Hannibal.

KAY: Even if you don’t see anything romantic there, they are mutually obsessed with each other and that’s canonical. Mutually obsessed with each other and, uh, fandom really enjoyed that.

CHELSEA: Fandom really picked up on that really hard. This fandom is amazing, you guys.

KAY: The Fannibals are some of the greatest, kindest, most wonderful, and prolific fanwork creating fans I’ve seen in any fandom ever.

CHELSEA: Ever. I was off of Tumblr indefinitely, but the Hannigraham fans have been slowly luring me back onto Tumblr not only because they are wonderful and kind, but because Tumblr as a visual medium lends itself really well to capturing stills and photosets really well. There are gifs from this show that you see and even without words you just are like oh. It’s so good. It’s heart wrenching. It’s amazing. Also, side note, those gifs you sent me of Mads Mikkelsen failing to get the onion on the knife made my whole life. I have looked at them again and again several times since you sent them to me. Cause it’s so good. It’s the opposite of competence porn.

KAY: Hannibal bloopers are so delightful. We should probably link everyone to a video on YouTube of some of the Hannibal bloopers, because it’s a very serious show. You don’t get to see the cast having much fun with each other. But whenever you see them at events or behind the scenes, they are clearly having the time of their lives working on this show. They clearly all enjoy spending time together. I know that most shows like to cultivate the image that their casts get along and are good friends. I think the cast and crew of Hannibal just really liked working on Hannibal.

CHELSEA: Which is fair, cause there’s only like eight or ten people?

KAY: The main cast is very small.

CHELSEA: I do wanna give some shoutouts to both Anna Chlumsky and Michael Pitt who make appearances at various points. Never for very long and to different ends.

KAY: And terrible, terrible things happen to basically everyone on this show so that’s not really a spoiler. We’re not really gonna spoil anything for you on this. We’re mostly gonna talk about the fandom. You should watch this show unless horror is not your thing at all. And it’s not really horror in the traditional sense.

CHELSEA: No. It’s more, like, gore stuff. I know I’ve talked to a couple people on Twitter who, some of the ways in which people are murdered and the gore behind that? Just the idea behind it can be more off-putting not even visually that disturbing. So if Silence of the Lambs or horror movies in general just isn’t something that works well for you.

KAY: I say watch the first episode and if that seems like it’s too much, then don’t watch it. But if you seem fine with that you’re probably gonna be fine with the show.

CHELSEA: And I will say that the casting and relationships between these characters make up for the scene, the intermittent scenes of crime scenes and stuff like that? Even if you have to close your eyes or do the blanket over the head for those scenes, the plotting and cast dynamics and actual storylines are worth it.

KAY: I’m not picturing people watching through a blanket.

CHELSEA: So if you’ve watched the show, we have some absolutely great fic recommendations for you. And you can obviously come talk to us on the internet.

KAY: Please come talk to us.

CHELSEA: Please. Please come talk to me. Please. I have so many things I need to say about this show.

KAY: Or send us gifs on twitter. That’s fine, also.

CHELSEA: We have five fic recs for you. Each of us has five to recommend. I can go first this time.

KAY: Go for it.

CHELSEA: So the first fic I wanna recommend is called Tėvelis by shiphitsthefan. This is, is it safe to say that these are all Will/Hannibal. I don’t have anything else.

KAY: I don’t think I have…I definitely don’t have any other pairings. I’m trying to think if I have anything that’d be considered gen.

CHELSEA: I definitely don’t.

KAY: I know you don’t.

CHELSEA: Shut up.

KAY: I mean.

CHELSEA: There are other ships that exist in this fandom, they’re just much smaller. So yes. This is, I wanna introduce this fic and preface it by saying that there are a lot of tags that you should check out.


CHELSEA: For this fic. And you should make sure you’re okay with that. It’s very dark. It’s a BDSM multi-kink fic and so there are lots of different aspects of kink culture that are explored within it, but you should definitely make sure to check out the tags. It’s a nice long one.

KAY: Also, just always check out the tags in Hannibal fandom cause. I mean. He is a cannibal. So like. Just. Mind the tags! Be wary. Know your own hard limits.


CHELSEA: I say this as a person who is habitually bad at minding tags. To the point where Kay frequently has to be like oh hey I don’t know if you saw this, but there are tags on this you should probably see.

KAY: By the way, this is 160,000 words long. I know you started reading this at twelve o’clock at night. [laughs]

CHELSEA: But just in case you didn’t see it, which I didn’t. Which is why I was reading it at midnight. So always read the tags, but especially in Hannibal fandom it’s a good thing to keep in mind. But like I said it’s a multi-kink piece of fic that explores Will and Hannibal’s relationship and the development of that. It goes post-canon. There are a couple of original characters both male and female that were okay. I didn’t necessarily hate them, but I didn’t love them. They don’t feature too prominently.

KAY: [snorts] So glowing, this review.

CHELSEA: I mean, I love this fic, but I always feel like it’s important to call out that normally OCs will turn me off a piece of fiction.

KAY: There’s like two people I trust to write those, yeah.

CHELSEA: So even though this is tagged like that, this is still very enjoyable.

KAY: My first fic rec is a tower to broadcast all our dark dreams by coloredink. Who I just blanket recommend their fic in general, but their Hannibal fic in particular is all really, really amazing. This is basically a fake dating au. Because I can find those in any fandom even when it should not make sense. It totally makes sense in a canon perspective. So it’s basically an alternate season 1 fic where Hannibal and Will have to pretend to be dating for a case because they as a couple fit the profile of this serial killer’s preferred victims. And it’s really good. It’s technically a sequel to a lovely little gen fic called and built a little house that we could live in by coloredink. Where basically Hannibal convinces Will he needs to take a vacation. And Will’s like I don’t know where to go on vacation. And so they go on vacation together to Hannibal’s summer house. They’re not dating or anything, it’s a gen fic. But you can read a tower to broadcast all our dark dreams without having read that, but it’s lovely and can give you context on why they’re familiar with being in each other’s space. It’s because they went on vacation together and it’s so cute. And well, it’s Hannibal, so there are things that are not about it that are cute. Also it’s 52,000 words and the prequel fic is 32,000 words. I’m really bad at finding short things. But it’s so good!

CHELSEA: My next one is actually a super short one. It’s only 1,400 words. I specifically sought out short fiction because I wanted to mix it up from my usual 30k+ recs. But this one is called You’re Not Subtle by HushTheNoise. It is five times Will and Hannibal fool nobody and the one time someone calls them out on it. It’s a series of very short vignettes of Will and Hannibal from the outside. Different people form their lives reflecting on their relationship and then Jack Crawford calls them out or brings it to their attention and how they react to that. It’s wonderful. Pretty fluffy. Little bit of talk of murder and cannibalism.

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: But you know. It’s Hannibal, so what are you gonna do.

KAY: Fluff in Hannibal fandom is so weird. Cause it’ll actually be really fluffy, but then you’ll have to think about the context. And it’s still not fluffy.


CHELSEA: It’s so sweet that Hannibal’s not murdering and serving human body parts because he loves Will so much.

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: It’s very weird. I had to go through some psychological processing when I first fell into this fandom.

[Kay laughs harder]

CHELSEA: Like I am having some intense attractions and fluffy feelings for this very dark subject matter.

KAY: I don’t think we mentioned that I accidentally introduced you to this fandom. Because knowing your personal preferences I had assumed you already watched the show and read this fic. But you had not.

CHELSEA: I most definitely had not. So thanks for that.

KAY: I was legitimately shocked. I think it took me a good ten minutes to get around to being no you do actually just need to watch this and I’m gonna recommend you 500,000 things, tell me when you finish the first season.

CHELSEA: I think it was in a moment where I was also in a lull for new fandoms. I’m bad at finding new media because it can be really stressful to do that.

KAY: It’s why you need author subscriptions on AO3. [laughs]

CHELSEA: I’m getting better! I have them now.

KAY: If you haven’t listened to our AO3 extravaganza episode, my biggest recommendation for finding new fandoms is to subscribe to author’s whose fics you like, when they find a new fandom you can join it. And then you already have fic to read. Next up I’ve got Separately to a Wood by emungere. Or emungere? I don’t know how to say this person’s name, but Chelsea and I both blanket recommend everything they’ve ever written in this episode.

CHELSEA: Literally everything.

KAY: They’ve also written for a number of other fandoms, but this one is really lovely. It’s an au where Hannibal proposes to Will that morning in the motel room and for some reason Will says yes. So this is a very early season 1 au where Hannibal and Will get engaged. Very soon after they meet. And it turns out really well for Will and Hannibal and not very well for everyone else. But that happens after this fic is over, so we don’t care.


KAY: It’s about 13,000 words and it’s actually fluffy as fuck. And it’s lovely.

CHELSEA: That sounds delightful.

KAY: I don’t really wanna spoil it. It’s pretty much just a delight and you should go read it.

CHELSEA: That’s one of the reasons I blanket recommend emungere. They write both the angst and the fluff sides of the spectrum equally well.

KAY: Yep.

CHELSEA: You can find pretty much anything you’re looking for. I wasn’t gonna talk about it yet, but I will also go ahead and give you my rec from emungere, which is actually a series of fics that’s called Ladders.

KAY: I haven’t read those in a long time. They’re so good. I wanna reread them but it’s so long. So long!

CHELSEA: The whole series is 134,000 words, but as of right now it’s got twenty parts and it’s not done yet. Or at least it’s not indicated that it’s done yet. The first part is called Where All Ladders Start. It’s a long series of how Will and Hannibal fall in love and move abroad and start a life together. A brief spoiler, at one point about halfway through, Will does get abducted by a different serial killer because of reasons and Hannibal has to track him down and that leads to other things they have to deal with. But within this, I wanna give a mini side recommendation for one of the pieces that comes really late in the series called Toussaint. It’s where Will and Hannibal are in Paris at Halloween and it is so fucking good. This whole series is just so good. It’s so great. But yeah. It is definitely an investment. A lot of scenes are kind of interstitial. You wouldn’t necessarily have to read all of them if you didn’t want to, but you’re gonna want to. That’s Ladders by emungere, the first one is Where All Ladders Start.

KAY: I also rec that series.

CHELSEA: You should read it again. I’m surprised you didn’t accidentally reread it. Accidentally.

KAY: [sighs] I know we make fun of me for accidentally rereading things, but it’s legit an accident 99% of the time. I will recommend someone a thing or I’ll be like click! You have no idea how dangerous it’s been that I’ve been putting together my massive blog post of all of my Trek recs.

CHELSEA: That’s tough.

KAY: Cause I have almost a full year’s worth. By the time this podcast goes up, that blog post will be done and posted and I will have done 365 days of daily Star Trek fanfiction recs. Putting that together has been dangerous as fuck. Because I have reread so many. So many of those.

CHELSEA: I only put accident in quotation marks because Kay knows if she clicks on them she’ll reread them. That’s why she says it’s dangerous. So she’ll be like I accidentally started rereading this fic I purposely clicked on so I’ll just say. I’m not judging.

KAY: Assembling rec lists is dangerous and its’ my primary gift to fandom is reccing things.

CHELSEA: It’s kind of your major brand.

KAY: My next rec is, I think that you say this Chine. Chine by gryvon. It’s basically a fic where, when Jack Crawford comes to Will to ask him to consult on the Minnesota Shrike case, which is what kicks off the series in the first place, if you haven’t watched it yet, he says no. And he recommends that Jack consult with Alanna instead. But Will still meets Hannibal and it turns out really well for Will and not very well for some other people. But that happens after the fic is over, just like that other rec I had. So we don’t care.


KAY: Here’s the thing. Somebody save Will Graham. Except we don’t need him to be saved if nothing bad happens to him. We don’t. In-universe, we don’t really care if terrible things are happening to other people if Will is okay. Which is not how we feel in the real world.

CHELSEA: Okay listen. I’m just gonna say, if you can look at this show and see Hugh Dancy’s giant puppy eyes and floppy hair and not just want to cuddle him close to your heart and keep him safe? If you can, like, look at him and not have that reaction, I don’t know how to speak to you. Will Graham is my baby and I just want to keep him safe and I just love him so much.

KAY: I mean, he is also an asshole.

CHELSEA: He makes very poor life decisions.

KAY: He’s low-key a dick. Which I do actually appreciate about him. Cause yes he’s our precious baby sweetheart we wish only good things for him, but he is also kind of a dick.

CHELSEA: And like I said, he makes some bad life decisions at key moments, but at the same time he’s our main character and from the get-go we’re meant to be Team Will. My next rec is actually a fairly short piece. It’s only 4,000 words. It’s a piece of sick fic. Will catches the flu and spends a week being sick and Hannibal takes care of him. But then Hannibal catches the flu. And that is not, like, Hannibal having to be taken care of is not usually a thing that happens so it’s actually a very fun change of pace. For Will to take care of him for a week while he’s sick. It’s the best of both worlds because you get to see Will being a precious baby and also a boss. Super cute and fluffy and I really liked it. And there’s art. There’s a really great piece of art of them taking a bath together and I’ll put it in the show notes cause it’s great. It’s not vulgar. You can’t see anything but it’s very sweet. It’s cute.

KAY: I was like, there’s plenty of erotic fanart for this show, so I wasn’t sure.

CHELSEA: Anyways. That’s my next fic. In case I, in case I said it I’m really bad at mentioning the titles of fic. That was Lantern by damnslippyplanet.

KAY: You definitely didn’t say what it was.

CHELSEA: Nope! But I remembered I didn’t say it and came back to say it at the end. See?

KAY: It’s my favorite thing that you do. [laughs]

CHELSEA: I’m so bad at it.

KAY: My next recommendation is The Fox’s Wedding by thehoyden. It’s an episode fix-it fic for Mizumono which is the finale of season two. The summary is: Because Will’s life is bullshit, he gets gently kidnapped from the hospital after Hannibal guts him. So slight spoilers, that’s a thing that happens, but that happens in season two, so obviously he lives. [laughs] The season two finale is just.

CHELSEA: Oh my god.

KAY: it’s a lot. Mizumono is a lot.

CHELSEA: It was worse than the season three series finale.

KAY: Everything happens so much. [laughs] Everything happens so much.

CHELSEA: I just spent forty minutes staring at Mark being like is this real? Cause a thing about Hannibal is that, real quick, the way it’s shot and the way it’s structured is very fever dreamy and because there are questions in-show about what sanity means, there’s a lot of stuff shot where you’re like is this happening? Is this real? What is going on? What is a dream? So I spent a lot of that episode being like okay is this actually happening? It’s a lot.

KAY: There are times where you’re like has this person actually been killed or not? Is this person dead or is? [laughs]

CHELSEA: Back to your fic rec. The end of season two is a rough one for Will Graham.

KAY: It’s rough. But this fic, Chiyoh basically comes and kidnaps Will from the hospital and takes him to Japan. And Hannibal and Abigail are waiting there for him.

CHELSEA: Murder family is the best.

KAY: Murder family delightfulness, yep. Go read it. Go read it, Chelsea. I can’t believe you didn’t read that already.

CHELSEA: Girl, you know my list is so long.

KAY: I don’t know how you didn’t just go read by thehoyden!

CHELSEA: I’m reading everything by thehoyden in hockey rpf. So my last rec is another pretty short one. It’s called Body Sushi by pancakeispeople. It’s 20,000 words. This is basically just PWP between Will and Hannibal where they make a bet that Will can’t guess the flavor of wine that Hannibal is giving him and if he loses he has to do whatever Hannibal wants and if he wins they get to adopt a dog. Only he loses. So then he basically gets to be Hannibal’s sushi platter for dinner that night. It’s super cute. Spoiler alert: they still adopt the dog at the end.


KAY: Of course they do. I love that that’s what you spoiler alert for.

CHELSEA: I loved it! It was a very cute little ending button to the story, but I just really thoroughly enjoyed it. This fic does what the show does really well. That blend of food and eroticism and kind of creepy horror stuff. It’s great. Just a little beautifully written PWP. So.

KAY: So last up we’ve got Ravenous by rageprufrock. Who, again, blanket recommend.

CHELSEA: We love Pru.

KAY: All her writing in all fandoms forever and ever amen. This is roughly 40,000 word fic that basically, I’m gonna go with, it’s au after middle of the season two finale.


KAY: Where all that terrible stuff happens if you’ve seen the show and you know, it posits that something slightly different went down there and then it places Clarice Starling in the Hannibal universe.


KAY: Future fic. And her interactions with Hannibal in the Baltimore Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Getting help. And it kind of does the Silence of the Lambs storyline in the Hannibal universe. And it’s so amazing.

CHELSEA: Interesting.

KAY: It’s so amazing.

CHELSEA: So does it still have Will Graham in it or is it just Hannibal and Clarice?

KAY: It’s mostly a Clarice fic, but —

CHELSEA: Which is fine. I like Clarice Starling.

KAY: You also get a lot of the science bros and some Jack Crawford and some Alanna Bloom. And there are appearances by a lot of our faves. It’s just so good. You can’t see me right now, but —

CHELSEA: She’s literally like clutching her face, it’s so good.

KAY: Literally clutching at my face. It’s so good. I’ve probably read this five times. I love this fic. It’s so amazing. [laughs] Do I wanna do m bonus?

CHELSEA: Yeah, go ahead. Kay has a bonus pick. Kay has a sixth pick for you guys because of course, we can’t ever just give you five.

KAY: It’s another one by coloredink. I didn’t want to rec two by the same person, but I just want to shout out  if you will come all the way down with me. It’s a little over 7,000 words and it’s murder family in Italy. And one of the tags on this is I’m sorry, nothing is beautiful and everything hurts. So. Um. It’s real great and you should read it. It’s by far the shortest thing I recommended today.


CHELSEA: Just you know. For scale. Nothing is beautiful and everything hurts is just like the truest tag that has ever existed.

KAY: It’s very Hannibal. It’s a very Hannibal tag.

CHELSEA: Hannibal fandom’s very beautiful. I love how poetic the fanfiction is. It’s beautiful writing.

KAY: It’s one of the most literarily talented. That’s not a real thing. But the style of writing, you know how after a while there tends to be a fanon voice for a fandom? And certain styles catch on as the popular styles. Somehow in Hannibal fandom the popular style that caught on is this really gorgeous kind of literary style. Literary as in lit fic, not literary as in highbrow. It’s just.

CHELSEA: It’s very beautiful. So that’s another fun thing to know about the fandom going into it. I actually ended up a lot of these to Google Books because I wanted to highlight them and make notes on some of the sentences and stuff in a lot of these fics cause they’re gorgeous.

KAY: WE love our download function on AO3.

CHELSEA: So much.

[Funin’ and Sunin’ by Kevin MacLeod plays]

CHELSEA: Okay, well I think that about wraps up our Hannibal episode. As always, if you’ve seen it, if you have other feelings and emotions you need to decompress, feel free to come and talk to us about it. And until next time, take care of yourselves, take care of each other. Bye guys!

KAY: Bye!

[Funin’ and Sunin’ by Kevin MacLeod plays]


CHELSEA: But yeah, it’s been a rough week. I mean, 2017’s been rough but it’s been an extra rough week so I don’t blame you for needing to go to the fic place. I don’t blame you.

KAY: If I grow up to be half as cool as Beverly Jenkins I will have won at life.

CHELSEA: Uh, so, probably two weeks ago I woke up to this gif from Kay of Mads Mikkelsen. It wasn’t even a gif. Just a picture of Mads Mikkelsen being super sexy.

KAY: I really, really fucking hate Jack Crawford. That needs to be our outtake. I really, really fucking hate Jack Crawford.

CHELSEA: This whole bit is gonna go, including the part where you say it’s gonna be an outtake, because I hate Jack Crawford so much.