Transcript: Not Now, I’m Watching Thor: Ragnarok

CHELSEA: Welcome back to episode 20 of Not Now, I’m Reading, your one-stop shop for all things genre. My name is Chelsea.

KAY: And I’m Kay.

CHELSEA: And today we are doing our episode on Thor: Ragnarok. So yay!

KAY: Yes!


CHELSEA: So before we get too much into that, we’ll go ahead and do what we normally do and talk about what we’re reading, what we’re just finishing up and all of that good stuff. Kay, why don’t you go first this time?

KAY: Okay, I’m reading all the things. Just like, all of the things.

CHELSEA: All of them.

KAY: I even read a bunch of actual books and not just fanfiction since last time we recorded.

CHELSEA: I just gasped dramatically.

KAY: So shocking. First that I want to talk about is actually two books. It’s the first two books in a series. They’re Take the Lead and Dance with Me by Alexis Daria. And I believe Take the Lead is her debut novel. I could be wrong. So good. Contemporary romance set around a reality television show that’s basically like a Dancing with the Stars show.

CHELSEA: [gasps] Yes. Yeah, you, that’s how you pitched these to me and I’m very, very excited to pick these up because that sounds absolutely fantastic.

KAY: And everything I just said went straight to the pleasure center of Chelsea’s brain. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: It’s basically all the things I’m interested in doing with my own time IRL, so yes please.

KAY: I was very surprised I liked them as much as I did because I’m not a reality TV person.


KAY: But these are wonderful. They both have Nuyorican heroines. So they’re both New York Puerto Rican heroines. They’re fantastic. I loved it so much. I loved it so much. It’s so good.


KAY: I really loved the first one the most, Take the Lead. Dance with Me was also good, but I loved the hero in Take the Lead. He’s peak stoic mountain man.

[Chelsea sighs]

CHELSEA: Another thing I absolutely love.

KAY: Another thing Chelsea really loves. So she’s gonna love those. I hope you guys all love those. Take the Lead is already out. I believe Dance with Me comes out sometime in November. We’ll have the release date in our show notes, though. I also just wanna do a quick plug, again, for Wrong to Need You by Alisha.

CHELSEA: So good.

KAY: Because it’s much closer to release date, now, than when we initially read it. And I definitely reread it last week cause it’s so good.

CHELSEA: It’s so good.

KAY: It’s the second book in her Forbidden Hearts? I think it’s Forbidden Hearts. The first book is Hate to Want You which we read for the podcast, right?

CHELSEA: Yes, that was one of our very early episodes, I think four or five or something like that.

KAY: So this is the next one in the series. Pick it up. It’s amazing. And then yesterday or the day before I just binge read all of A Hope Divided by Alyssa Cole. Which again, is a sequel to a book we read for the podcast. It’s just so good. The first book in this series is An Extraordinary Union and then this one is A Hope Divided and it’s the Loyal League series. So it’s a historical romance about, oh my god, I just, how do you even explain this? It’s so good. It’s a wonderful interracial romance set during the Civil War and I’m just. I don’t even want to spoil anything for you. We’ll obviously link to all this stuff. It’s so good.

CHELSEA: So good.

KAY: It’s just so good I don’t want to spoil anything. And then I’ve got a couple of fic recs. How many do I want to do, Chelsea?

CHELSEA: I don’t know. How many do you want to do?

KAY: I feel like I’ve been talking for five thousand years. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: You’ve literally been talking for seven minutes so you’re probably fine.


KAY: that’s not that long. Um. Okay, I’m gonna talk about two.


KAY: Yeah.

CHELSEA: Two is good.

KAY: The first one is a gen Harry Potter fic.

[Chelsea gasps]

KAY: It’s called where there’s a will by aloneintherain

CHELSEA: You guys. You guys!

KAY: I just.

CHELSEA: I just can’t.

KAY: The summary of this fic is, ‘Harry writes the first draft of his will when he’s fourteen.’ And that’s kind of all you need to know. It’s just under 8,000 words so it’s not super long. It will emotionally destroy you. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: Kay sent excerpts of this to our group DM thread and everybody was just like sobbing like a baby. It was just strings of crying gifs because like oh my god. It’s so good.

KAY: Super obvious trigger warnings for trauma and teenagers dealing with shit they should not have to deal with and anxiety and gallows humor and just. It’s wonderful. If you’ve read the series or watched the movies and haven’t read the series. I’m not judging you, but I’m kind of curious why you haven’t read the books. Anyway!

[Chelsea laughs]

KAY: It’s great you’ll love it. And then the next fic. I don’t know how this happened. I don’t even like procedural TV.

CHELSEA: Are we gonna, are we gonna talk about SVU?

KAY: I fell into a Law & Order: SVU spiral.

CHELSEA: We’re gonna need to talk about it.


KAY: You guys know that we both have a Raúl Esparza problem. I wouldn’t say it’s a problem. But like.


CHELSEA: It is a deep and abiding affection for basically anything Raúl Esparza has ever done. We will also link to the Raúl Esparza, Lin-Manuel Miranda singing A Boy Like That from Westside story. It will change your life.


CHELSEA: Anyway. Crime procedurals are usually my jam. That’s usually my playground.

KAY: Yeah, and I have watched SVU on and off over the years because I do really like Mariska.


KAY: And since she’s become a producer and then an executive producer they’ve hired more female writers and directors than most shows on network TV.

CHELSEA: And you can tell.

KAY: And you can really tell. Which I really appreciate. And I don’t think the writing on the show is great. It’s fairly consistently mediocre, but they have a really great cast the last few seasons.

CHELSEA: Don’t get your hopes up too high.

KAY: Don’t expect genius, here, but they’ve had a really good cast for the last few years. And unfortunately Chelsea and I have just both fallen down this spiral.

CHELSEA: How did it even happen? How did it even happen?

KAY: I don’t, I don’t even know. But it’s Barba and Carisi. And you’ve got the smol and the tol. And the tol one is the younger one and the smol one is angry and mouthy. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: Okay, and here’s my thing, friends. When Sonny Carisi comes on the scene, he’s go this horrible mustache.

KAY: I was ready to hate him! I was so ready to hate him.

CHELSEA: And then somehow.

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: Through little baby steps.

[Kay laughs harder]

CHELSEA: He’s sneaking in. And by the next season, his second season on the show, he’s bouncing babies and lighting candles for people at church and you’re just like I love him.

KAY: And they start dressing him like Barba. So they’re both in these great tailored suits all the time and I just feel attacked right now.

CHELSEA: If dudes in suits is an aesthetic that you find pleasing I have woken up to some lovely pic DMs from Kay of just look at Raúl Esparza in this suit and look at Sonny Carisi with his sleeves rolled up and this vest. And I’m just like. All of this happening is just a wonderful thing.

KAY: I know where you live, man.


CHELSEA: Yeah, you did. But talk about something that came from nowhere and is just like what?

KAY: Right? But.


KAY: The point of that is, I have a fic rec!


CHELSEA: All of that was an intro to a fic rec.

KAY: After we went on like a four minute tangent about SVU.

CHELSEA: Whatever.

KAY: Which you don’t really need to watch. You just need to know that one of them is the smol and one of them is the tol. And the tol one is the sweet puppy one with the big Italian family. And the smol one is the little angry one.


KAY: And they’re both lawyers.

CHELSEA: They’re both like. One’s a cop studying to be a lawyer. One’s a lawyer. And it’s so good.

KAY: It’s good. And this fic is called A Nice Young Man. It’s by Perpetual Motion (perpetfic). It’s just really lovely. It’s got a lot of caretaker Carisi stuff going on. I think the first [laughs] I think the first bit of this that I sent to Chelsea there’s a text conversation between Rafael, who’s the smol Raúl Esparza character. Who’s the snarky ADA. To Rita Calhoun, who he went to college, no he went to law school with Rita. And she’s a high-powered defense attorney. So she’s the dark side friend. So he says:


Rafael: What do you do when a nice person wants to be your friend?

Rita: Gain their trust, then steal their clients.

Barba smirked at Rita’s response.

Rafael: He’s not a lawyer.

Rita: Then I have no advice. You’re the nicest person I know.

Rafael: That’s the worst thing I’ve heard this week.

Rita: I know, right?

KAY: And I just [laughs]

CHELSEA: It’s so good.

KAY: It’s great.

CHELSEA: Raul I love you.

KAY: It’s great and charming and there’s lots of team feels, which you guys know I’m here for that team, found family feeling stuff. Carisi cooks everyone dinner. [Laughs] Makes sure to send everyone home with leftovers.

CHELSEA: [sighs] Carisi, just stop being such a cinnamon roll. I love you so much.

KAY: It’s not super long. It’s just under 13,000 words. So it’s like novelette length. Perfect.

CHELSEA: Nice little something.

KAY: You should go read it. You really don’t even need to know anything about the fandom, just read that fic. It’s great. And that’s it, because I’ve been talking for 5,000 years.

CHELSEA: Sweet, okay. Well, I’ve actually finished a couple of things that are real books, friends. That hasn’t been — yeah, yay! That hasn’t been happening recently. So on audio I finally kind of took the guts or took my time and listened to What Happened by Hillary Clinton. Which is read by Hillary Clinton.

[Kay sighs]

CHELSEA: Man, friends. On the one hand it was fantastic book. She does a wonderful job of being open and honest. But on the other hand it’s still the hellscape of 2017 so listening to this intelligent, eloquent educated political woman talk about how she lost to a giant sexually assaulting cheeto buffoon, that was still a little tough. But the book is, I think, fantastic. It does, I think, a pretty good job of taking as balanced a look as possible with what happened with the caveat that it, of course, was written by Hillary Clinton. So it’s her views on what happened with all the grains of sault that you need to talk with that. But yeah, I’m really glad I listened to it. It’s worth listening to. If nothing else its’ a good insight into Hillary as a person and as an ex-candidate and what the future might be for her and for the Democratic party, but if you’re not ready of that yet, friends, I understand.

KAY: Yeah, I’m not. I have a copy of that and I haven’t listened to it yet cause I’m not there.

CHELSEA: It was still tough. I thought I was ready and I’m glad I listened to it, but there were definitely times I had to take a pause and put it on a break. I definitely listened to it. I do think it’s good to check out on audio cause like I said Hillary actually reads it. Which is always nice. And I just think she has a pleasant speaking voice to listen to. So once I finished that I just started, I’m literally just ten pages into A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole.

KAY: I’m so excited to start that! So excited to start that.

CHELSEA: It doesn’t come out until February of 2018, so this is pre-pre-reading. Plenty of time before it comes out. But this is the first book in her new Reluctant Royals series. This one opens in the first ten pages with Neledi and she keeps getting emails from what she basically thinks are Nigerian scammers, cause basically they’re telling her —


CHELSEA: She’s been selected to be the bride of the future king of Thesolo, which is this African country, but they need her to send them proof of her ID, so like a copy of her license and her social security number and her address and like all of that scamming information that a 401 Nigerian scammer would request of you before robbing you blind. So she keeps deleting it and they keep sending more and more emails, but basically that sets up the story and that’s as far as I am and the rest of the synopsis makes it clear it’s not a scam, this is actually a prince who is looking for her specifically to come and be his bride because of a past family thing and skeletons in closets that I haven’t gotten to yet, but you know that she is a oh, what is it, not a phlebotomist. She studies diseases. Epidemiologist.

KAY: [laughs] Those are not the same thing.

CHELSEA: Those are not the same thing at all but I could not think of the word.

KAY: I have been hearing about this book for so long. I am unbelievably hyped. I know a couple people who preread this for her and I just. Grown-up Princess Diaries! I’m here for it.

CHELSEA: Plus, not that we do here, but also we totally judge books by covers and the cover for this book is.

[Kay gasps and sighs]

CHELSEA: So fantastic, guys.

KAY: It’s so gorgeous.

CHELSEA: I saw the cover before I ever heard any of the synopsis and I was just like: done. I don’t care what this is.

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: or what this is about, but I am going to read this book. So those are the books I’ve been reading and then I have couple of fics I’ve been talking about. I’ll also talk about my SVU rec because I also have one because I could only resist for so long.

[Kay snorts and laughs]

CHELSEA: When I’m getting all these fic excerpts and gif DMs before I gotta be like okay, I gotta see what the, especially knowing Kay’s not usually into procedurals. I was like alright, I gotta see what’s happening here.

KAY: Sorry not sorry. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: That has made this be a thing. I am gonna recommend Crush Ripe, Serve Cold by leslielol. And I’ll just read the summary.

Barba felt his life begin to shrink around him after the death threats started. Work was still the single greatest constant in his life, but dinners and vacations and a nightlife he felt he’d earned were slipping away from him. As a result, he spent more time in his apartment.

Luckily, he had company.

CHELSEA: And that company is one Dominick “Sonny” Carisi Jr.

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: It’s us fantastic. This fic is long, it’s 46k. It gets pretty dark at times as you can tell from the summary they’re dealing with death threats and the kind of homophobia that comes internalized. They have to keep their relationship on the down low because Sonny’s a cop and Barba’s the ADA so there’s a lot going on but it’s so good, you guys. So good. It’s so good. And it’s set after the season 17 finale, so I guess there are spoilers for that. I don’t necessarily. I mean.

KAY: So my thing that makes me laugh really hard is the end of season 17 they had set up this storyline where Barba has been receiving threats for upwards of six months and hadn’t told anyone.

CHELSEA: Yeah, for a long time.

KAY: They just completely drop it without any mention the next season. But over the hiatus, anyone writing fic? That’s all they were hypothesizing about. And the show just completely dropped the plotline. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: Which, SVU. What are you doing? So that’s that rec and then I have one more fic to recommend. When I haven’t been watching SVU I have been listening to the Pens games, Pens hockey games via internet radio. Which when I told my grandpa I was listening to sports via the radio but on the internet he laughed so hard I thought he was actually gonna have a heart attack.


CHELSEA: There’s something about the idea of using the internet to listen to sports on the radio that just tickled him pink for some reason.

KAY: I mean, that’s how I consume 90% of my sports. So.

CHELSEA: Mostly cause money.

KAY: It’s what you do when you’re out of market and you don’t have money for a giant sports package cause they’re super expensive.

CHELSEA: Yeah, I don’t have money for that. So hockey season’s in swing which means I’m all back up in that hockey fic, not that I ever really stopped.

[Kay snorts]

CHELSEA: It increases even more than normal during actual season play. This one I’m gonna recommend is like a pop fly dropping from space. Have you read this one?

KAY: Who’s it by?

CHELSEA:  by theladyscribe?

KAY: Maybe.

CHELSEA: It’s a baseball au, a minor league au?

KAY: No.

CHELSEA: Where Zhenya plays catcher, eventually, for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Oh no, Sid plays catcher and Zhenya plays right field.

KAY: Yeah, no. I’ve not read that.

CHELSEA: It’s really cute. It’s, like I just said, it’s a baseball au so it’s a lot of the same team feelings and like it’s backtracked so they, it starts earlier so they’re younger by the time they’re actually playing together for the Pirates. So it comes into some coming of age figuring out your sexuality stuff. It’s really cute. You should probably read it cause I know you also like baseball.

KAY: Also, IRL Sid played baseball in high school and he was a catcher. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: Which is super cute. That’s how he got that butt, dude. I mean, obviously hockey butts are good, too.

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: But if I had to pick a second sport for butt quality I would definitely be baseball.

KAY: Well, for sure. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: I’m just saying.

[Funin’ and Sunin’ By Kevin MacLeod plays]

CHELSEA: Oh, man. Okay, friends. Well, those are my recs. I think that means we’re finally gonna talk about Thor: Ragnarok. This is the third Thor movie and the, I believe, approximately eighteenth million installment in the Marvel Cinematic Takeover.

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: I’m pretty sure that’s mathematically accurate

KAY: Roughly. That sounds right.

CHELSEA: This one is, do we wanna do a brief synopsis? Do we wanna do? How spoilery are we gonna get?

KAY: I feel like no big spoilers.

CHELSEA: Okay. Well, I don’t think it’s any, if you’ve seen the previews it’s no spoiler to say that this one, basically is about —

KAY: We can do really spoilery stuff at the end if we feel a need.

CHELSEA: If we need to we’ll give a disclaimer right before that starts. It is about Hela who is Loki and Thor’s sister who has basically come back to kind of take over Asgard and bring forth or issue Ragnarok which is, you know, the end of the world. Doomsday. And all of that. So it’s just about Thor and Loki getting that under control.

KAY: That’s literally not what the movie’s about, though, Chelsea.

CHELSEA: That’s the overarching plot of the movie! That’s what it’s about! I mean, 90% of the film is about Thor getting off a planet to fight his sister.

KAY: Yeah, so technically the Hela thing, if you are just looking at a synopsis of this, you would think that the Hela plotline was much bigger than it is. She actually doesn’t have a ton of screen time until the big final battle shit at the end. Most of this movie is like intergalactic road trip shenanigans.

CHELSEA: Yes and they’re delightful.

KAY: in a much more fun way than Guardians of the Galaxy does.

CHELSEA: Ugh. Can we just not even talk about that? Can we just like reference that that movie exists and then move on, because I hated it so much, as opposed to Thor which I really liked.

KAY: We’re, I know we mentioned this previously, but Chelsea and I are coming at Thor from very different places. I’m a very big fan of the Thor comics and I really enjoyed the first movie and thought the second movie was not good, but I still liked it okay. And I have been really looking forward to this one. Chelsea was like I mean, I’ll see it. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: I’ll see it because at this point Marvel has succeeded in roping me into their Avengers franchise so I am that person that if you tell me I need to see a thing to understand another thing, I’ll do it.

KAY: Except I have still managed not to see Doctor Strange, cause that’s a racist colonialist mess.

CHELSEA: Fuck that movie. Yeah, I didn’t.

KAY: And he was in this. He was in this!

CHELSEA: For like five seconds, it was such a lame crossover. Such clearly shoehorned in there to get. No reason.

KAY: There was literally no reason for him to be in there at all. It was so stupid. Literally you could’ve just cut that out and the runtime would’ve been down ten minutes and it would’ve been the perfect length. But they just wanted Benedict Cumberbatch in this.

CHELSEA: That’s one of my critiques of this movie, is that I thought it was a little, like it was longer than it needed to be. There were some places it could’ve been edited down.

KAY: Okay. This is actually a thing. I don’t know if you have heard about this. The original announced runtime of this movie was an hour and forty minutes.

CHELSEA: So that woulda been like…forty minutes shorter than it was?

KAY: It’s half an hour longer than the original announced runtime.

CHELSEA: Ohmygod, which, that Doctor Strange scene was like six minutes long you didn’t need. So there’s a third of that added runtime that’s unnecessary. And the fight scenes were good, but I felt some of the fight scenes coulda been edited.

KAY: We both wanna say, we really did like this movie, but some of the choices they made I don’t understand. Why would you bring me Idris Elba and Karl urban and then hardly use them at all? It was such a waste. What?

CHELSEA: Hardly at all.

KAY: They brought back literally none of the existing female characters. And the only two women with speaking parts…mmm, that’s a lie. There’s two Asgardian bimbos who have a tiny scene.

CHELSEA: Are you talking about those girls at the beginning? Yeah, that’s, m, no. Does not count.

KAY: They don’t have names or anything. They’re just there to be flirted with and then there’s a gag where they get dirty haha.

CHELSEA: They’re props, it’s whatever.

KAY: There’s basically really only two female characters. Who were both fantastic, but they didn’t bring back any — literally, there have been…four main-ish female characters in the Thor movies. We’ve had Darcy, Jane, Frigga, and Sif. And none of them were in this. And you can be like, oh, but Frigga got killed in the last movie. And I’m like, some other dead people sure had some scenes in this movie after their deaths, didn’t they? Hm?

CHELSEA: Yeah, cause we’ve never gotten a flashback in a Marvel movie. That’s never happened.

KAY: I was like come on. And I have heard about Jamie Alexander’s scheduling conflicts. I don’t care. You could’ve made it work for her to come for a day to film a scene as Sif. There were more female background characters than in a lot of the Marvel movies, but they’re not speaking parts. The crowd scenes were fairly even gender-wise, but basically all of the speaking parts were men. Ooh, I lied. There is one more woman with a speaking part, but I don’t know if she has a name. The Grandmaster’s right hand woman? So her character name is Topaz, but I definitely didn’t know that. Played by Rachel House, who is Māori. And, like, obviously I am excited that they got some great women of color in this, but their parts were really small for all but just Valkyrie and Hela.

CHELSEA: Hela, yeah.

KAY: And I just.

CHELSEA: And I love Tessa Thompson and I love Cate Blanchett and they kicked the shit out of the roles they had.

KAY: They were great.

CHELSEA: But it’s just.

KAY: But.

CHELSEA: But it’s just not enough.

KAY: yeah.

CHELSEA: For real. That’s where we’re coming from.

KAY: Frankly, like 90% of the screen time in this went to white dudes. Just, to be blunt. You know? They were white dudes that we mostly really like and we didn’t have too much of Loki, which I was really worried about.

CHELSEA: Yeah, I’m over it.

KAY: They tend to overuse him. I think they used him the perfect amount.

CHELSEA: Yep, and I liked the running gag, the is he here is he not. I think that Loki’s humor best comes across through physical humor so the help me gag and the gag where he keeps throwing stuff at him, I thought all of that worked really well. I think Chris Hemsworth definitely benefited from being in the Ghostbusters movie, because I feel like he is funnier in this Thor than he was in either of the previous two, just as an actor

KAY: Here’s the thing, they were like oh, yeah, he really is funny he wasn’t just talking shit that he can do comedic stuff. And then you have a wonderful director who’s a comedic genius who decides to let him be funny and that worked really well.

CHELSEA: Yeah, that’s fair. I don’t know how much of that is his acting chops versus him being given writing and directing prowess that’s much more comedically times. This movie is funny. Legit many times laughing out loud funny.

KAY: Which, I am not a laugh out loud in the theater person, but I laughed a lot during this movie.

CHELSEA: I mean, I am, but I still laughed a lot out loud.


CHELSEA: I don’t know if you guys know me, I’m not good at the quietly and mildly feeling my emotions. I tend to get very intense through all aspects of the spectrum when it comes to having feelings.


KAY: I mean, fair. Fair.

CHELSEA: But I thought Jeff Goldblum was fantastic. I wanted 800,000,000 more years of Jeff Goldblum.

KAY: He was just Jeff Goldbluming all over the place. As far as I can tell, they were like this is a thing that needs to happen in this scene and then he just riffed and was gloriously Jeff Goldblum.

CHELSEA: He made it happen.

KAY: Just make it happen. Which is basically what RDJ did in the first Iron Man movie. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: I also thought that this movie. I’m glad that Waititi directed it because visually I thought it was stunning. I thought it was so gorgeous.

KAY: It’s visually so different from the rest of the Marvel Universe in a very good way. Because there’s just a very standard stock aesthetic to most of them that I think is kind of boring. And Thor is literally a space Viking who can do magic. Like. I just. There’s no reason to go straightedge with that. Be weird. And this was weird in a really — I was trying to explain to my brother-in-law that he would enjoy this and he was like why? I said well, the opening fight scene is set to Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song, which kind of sets the feel for the rest of the movie. [Laughs]

CHELSEA: The music cues. That song in particular, but the music cues in general for this movie were fantastic.

KAY: Yeah, Mark Mothersbaugh did a fantastic, amazing job with the music on this. Kudos, sir.

CHELSEA: So good. Oh, but yeah.

KAY: I like how we had no forced romantic plotline, either.

CHELSEA: Yeah, I agree.

KAY: Save me from Marvel’s awkward forced heterosexuality in everything. You don’t need it. This was great without it.

CHELSEA: We have other things that are going on right now. I liked that Valkyrie and Thor were literally too busy, you know, trying to save Asgard to make too many goo-goo eyes at each other.

[Kay snorts]

CHELSEA: Man, I feel. There was a preview for Black Panther in the screening that I saw and I feel just as excited to see Black Panther, visually, cause I think it’s gonna do as creative a thing as it has going on that Waititi did for Thor, so I think aesthetically. In addition to the fact that it’s got an awesome cast, I’m just excited to see some of the directions these films are going. Also I saw a preview for Justice League and it looked so boring.

KAY: It looked so. It’s gonna be really bad. I’m looking forward to us watching it on streaming and doing, like, a Mysterious Science Theater 3000 thing.

CHELSEA: We need to see if we can get Megan to see it with us because I feel like we’ll get some prime sass. But here’s like, I’m into seeing Ezra Miler and Jason Momoa and everything that’s happening with everyone but Superman and Batman and I don’t give a shit about the main characters of the Justice League.

KAY: We’re gonna end up with so much Batffleck and I’m just going to have to scream into the void.

CHELSEA: ugh. I felt bad because everyone around me was watching the preview in the theater and I was just like snorting into my Raisinets because I was like how do I take this man seriously?


CHELSEA: Plus then they showed Henry Cavill’s face and I couldn’t help mentally superimposing the mustache I knew they had digitally removed.

[Kay wheeze-laughs]

CHELSEA: I put it back on his face with my imagination and it was great.

KAY: That’s so beautiful. I love it.

CHELSEA: I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. My quibbles with this were very similar to my quibbles with marvel movies as a whole.

KAY: They’re too long.

CHELSEA: There’s not enough women.

KAY: Basically.

CHELSEA: I feel like that can be a disclaimer for every Marvel property ever.

KAY: Pretty much. How many movies about white men named Chris do I need to see?


CHELSEA: Although it is official. Chris Hemsworth is still my third favorite Chris.

KAY: Oh, for sure.

CHELSEA: As much as I love Thor, he’s not able to climb in the rankings.

KAY: You know it’s Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, and then way down here that other Chris.

CHELSEA: Yeah, that other one. Whose own son doesn’t even want to dress as him for Halloween. I’m just saying.


CHELSEA: Well, alright, friends. That about wraps up our feelings on Thor: Ragnarok. Let us know if you saw it. What you thought. If you had any particular, standout thoughts. I would say we liked it. I didn’t love it, but I liked it. I’m glad I saw it and I’m looking forward to the next? What’s gonna be the next one? Is there gonna be just the next Avengers or will there be another solo movie out?

KAY: I don’t even know if Hemsworth is contracted for enough that we’re sure to get another one. Because he’s gonna be in both of the Infinity War movies and I think that might be the end of his contract. So I don’t know if we’re gonna get another Thor movie. So I was glad that I liked this one as much as I did cause who knows.

CHELSEA: That’s fair. And I feel like, you know, it was a nice button to the third one and went out on a better note than that second one. Cause I thought the second one was…

KAY: Not good.

CHELSEA: Not great even at all. Even a little bit.


KAY: Oh, we’re gonna do something, we’re gonna talk about something really spoilery, just real quick, so be done. Skip to the last timestamp. [Laughs] Can we talk about how amazing that scene where Thor first shows up on Asgard and Loki is still in disguise as Odin is?


CHELSEA: Oh my god, Matt Damon as fake Loki doing that busted-ass dramatic representation of them together was the best. Thing. The best thing.

KAY: Did you notice that Sam Neill was the actor playing Odin in the paly? I almost died. I almost died! Okay?


CHELSEA: I’m not gonna lie, I’m usually not into the Stan Lee cameos, but I thought the one that he’s the one who cut Chris Hemsworth’s hair was great.

KAY: My hands aren’t as steady as they used to be.


CHELSEA: Just the way he screams in such abject horror before they cut his hair.

KAY: It’s beautiful. I love it.

CHELSEA: Which is extra funny, because the short hair on Thor was one of the things I was most looking forward to and the movie did not disappoint on that front.

KAY: It was good. It’s much better that way. [Laughs] We didn’t mention the Hulk like at all.

CHELSEA: No, we didn’t.

KAY: I think Mark Ruffalo is fine. And I think that the Hulk in this was entertaining enough. And I actually really thought that the Hulk and Valkyrie had a fun vibe, but I felt like we spent a lot more time with Hulk than we needed to.

CHELSEA: Well, it was weird. They kind of got into a storyline of, like, the Hulk wrestling with forever being the Hulk, but also they didn’t? So then he turned back into the Hulk and maybe he’s gonna be stuck, but they didn’t reconcile with that at all?

KAY: Yeah, it was just weird.

CHELSEA: I’m neutral feeling on Mark Ruffalo. Thor has always been my least favorite of all the Avengers. I like Thor and the Hulk together, I think they have a really fun dynamic together, but separately I just don’t really care a ton about the Hulk.

KAY: Yeah. They were fine together. I just felt like they were trying to give him kind of his own mini-story arc, but didn’t quite pan out.

CHELSEA: yeah, woulda been better if they just kept with him being the fun side kick on the road trip vibe they had going.

KAY: I was like he’s been missing for two years and you guys didn’t even try to find him? I don’t…what? I don’t.

CHELSEA: Yeah! And like, he spent two years as the Hulk and he doesn’t remember any of it, but he seems to move on from that pretty quickly? Which to me seems like a fairly traumatic experience?

KAY: He should have slightly more trauma happening? Yeah. I dunno.

CHELSEA: Yeah, it was weird. But. I mean. It’s fine. When he was actually the Hulk being the Hulk he had some funny moments and I thought it was cute. He and Valkyrie had a fun little chemistry together.

KAY: The moment when he slams Thor back and forth like he did to Loki in The Avengers and Loki jumps up and is like yeah that’s what that feels like! I almost died.


KAY: I was like okay that was good, yeah.

CHELSEA: That’s one of those little comedy callbacks that’s so well played. And is a good example of the best way to use Loki. Which is like, sparingly and on the side. [Snorts]

Kay: He’s great when you have him as a sideline trickster character and when you try to make him into more I just am like eh. There’s not really enough there, there. You know?

CHELSEA: Yeah. Alright, cool.

KAY: I think that was all my little spoilery things that I cared about.

CHELSEA: Yeah, I think so. Like scene by scene or in-depth as I’ll probably wanna get.

KAY: We do wanna express disappointment that they cut the scene which would’ve showed explicitly that Valkyrie is bisexual, but Valkyrie is bisexual. You’re welcome.

CHELSEA: Yeah. I mean, if you’re reading it through the right lens it’s pretty clear she watches her girlfriend? Or partner? Die in battle, but that’s only if you’re reading it with the pre-knowledge that Valkyrie is. If you have your queer goggles on when you go in and see it it’s there.

KAY: It’s obvious. But.

CHELSEA: Sad face it’s not clear for everyone. Now I’m just sad we didn’t get to see awesome bisexual Valkyrie.

KAY: I really wanted the space warrior girlfriend team up of Valkyrie and Sif, so someone needs to write that fic.

CHELSEA: [gasps] Mmhmm. Fic writers get on it.

KAY: Please somebody get on that, guys.

[Funin’ and Sunin’ by Kevin MacLeod plays]

CHELSEA: Alright, friends. Well, that about wraps up everything we wanted to say about Thor: Ragnarok. We’ll be coming back in a week to do something a little different. We’re gonna be doing a holiday gift guide slash general holiday episode. Things we do to celebrate in terms of gift giving and celebrations and also some books and pieces of media we want to actually give to other people that we would purchase with dollars and give in physical form to other people.

[Kay laughs]

CHELSEA: All those fun things, so tune in for that. Until then, come find us online, on twitter. We’re always here to talk books with all of you lovely people. Take care of yourselves and take care of each other. Bye, guys!

KAY: Bye!

[Funin’ and Sunin’ by Kevin MacLeod plays]


CHELSEA: Well, yeah, cause you don’t look sideways at Barba. You don’t do that. You don’t cross Bar– you don’t do that. For fandom. You don’t do that.